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Governor Nasir El-Rufai has ordered the immediate dismissal of university lecturers who take part in the ongoing strike in Kaduna state.

He made this known in a press statement by his media aide, Muyiwa Adekeye, on Tuesday, titled, ‘KDSG will not tolerate criminal acts disguised as industrial action’.

Part of the statement read, “Any academic staff of KASU that does not report for work will be dismissed. The authorities of KASU are to submit a copy of the attendance register for all categories of staff daily to the Secretary to the State Governemnt and the Commissioner of Education.

“All MDAs are also to submit daily copies of attendance register to the Head of Service;

“KDSG will not submit its treasury to the entitled minority. We will reform and rightsize our public service to meet the needs and resources of the Kaduna State even if the NLC strikes ad infinitum.

“The government remains committed to using all the resources it can generate to serve the interests of the majority of its citizens, providing social services beyond paying salaries, always putting the interests of the many ahead of the few.”

Adebisi Jamiu, a former soldier and 33 others have been apprehended by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Tuesday for alleged cybercrime.

EFCC spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, in a statement said the suspects were picked from different locations in Osogbo, the Osun capital.

Jamiu, 22, and others were tracked after verified intelligence on their alleged involvement in cybercrime.

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They include Muritala Olaniyi Lateef, Wasiu Olajide, Wasiu Sadiq, Olaniran Abiodun, Ayodeji Tosin, Olaniran Tayo, Oginni Oluwaseun, Oginni Olatunde, Ojuade Oluwafemi and Ibrahim Wande, Oladiran Olayinka, Akinjobi Akinwunmi, Abayomi Aderohunmi, Olaoluwa Temitope, Idowu Olawale, Lawrence Taiwo.

The rest are Ojo Gbenga, Tiamiyu Farouk, Oladele Seun, Akiniyi Boluwatife, Olaoluwa Mutiu, Olakunle Omolofe, Olalere Samad, Edbadon Johnson, Oketunbi Kayode, Gbeyide Tomiwa, Oluwanisola Elmuqsit, Bathlomew John, Ibikunle James, Olamide Oluwaseyi, Yusuf Mohammed, Adebola Ibrahim, and Ajayi Muyiwa.

Uwujaren added that the commission will charge them to court after investigations.


The Nigerian Senate, on Tuesday, appealed to the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Federal Ministry of Education, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB)  to review the implementation of its policy making the National Identification Number (NIN) a mandatory requirement for JAMB registration.

The Senate also called for the extension of the JAMB registration deadline until there is a seamless and well organised process for obtaining the NIN.

The Senate further urged the Federal Ministry of Education and NIMC to introduce and streamline a simple and decentralised NIN registration process where students would be able to obtain their NIN in their various accredited school premises.

These resolutions of the upper chamber followed a motion on the floor by Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, at plenary.

Kaduna workers have been forced to seek safety after being attacked by thugs during protest in the state.
The incident happened on Tuesday as Nigeria Labour Congress President, Ayuba Wabba led the workers to protest over Governor El-Rufai's decision to sack thousands of workers.
See photos below:


EFCC versus Osogbo 'yahoo boys' - Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo

Unemployment is not the only cause of increase in yahoo business. Poverty and frustration are definitely not the only factors responsible for yahoo business.

Greediness, vagrant thought of money and desperation for massive wealth are major causes of the increase in yahoo business.

Recall! EFCC operatives had stormed Adetunji Estate and Hallelujah Estate in Osogbo to arrest suspected internet fraudsters on Monday night but youths in the area waylaid them, preventing them from allegedly taking away 20 vehicles belonging to the suspects. Read more here..

Over 75 percent of yahoo boys were not driven into fraud by poverty, frustration and unemployment.

No government in this world can permanently tackle unemployment. Unemployment exist everywhere but the lack of will of Nigeria's government to tackle it makes our situation worse. Any nation where population moves at geometrical rate, provision for infrastructure and other essentials move at arithmetrical rate can not grow.

Nigeria is a very unfortunate nation. We have lost our moral values as citizens owing to the repeated bad leadership at every range and systemic fraud in our system. These are factors apologists and sympathisers of yahoo boys hold on to but the fact remains that crime is a crime and there is no justification for crime. Someone who manipulate or decieve another to cart away another person's hardearned income should not deserve our pity.

I ask apologists and defenders of yahoo boys what responsibility does a 17-18 year boy or girl who is still in secondary schools has to have engaged in yahoo? What qualification does he or she possesses to have concluded that he or she is a victim of unemployment? An apprentice who abandons where he or she trains and engages in yahoo business is not a product of government but a failed society. Mothers who buy laptops and enrol their wards to learn yahoo business are not product of failed government but society.

While we have those who were pushed by peers and sad narratives, the buck of the yahoo population are those with vagrant thought of money, greed and those who does not really want to work for money.

I have always stated that we have a weak judiciary system in Nigeria. A template of justice that frees a criminal and punishes another is not fair and will always be challenged in the public court of opinion. The inability of the government to tackle economic crimes efficiently despite huge resources these agencies receive should indeed be a source of worry to us.

Yet crime is crime. If a particular crime is not efficiently tackled, it should not be a defence for other crimes to thrive. A nation that closes her eyes on crime no matter how little it is, will not grow.

Why should a generation of young and energetic boys wake up every day with the thought that they want to scam peoples of their wealth? Such society can not grow!

We know Nigeria has failed many people but where is the spirit of hardwork and consistency? They are fading away as a result of dominance of fraud. The rate of yahoo business in higher institutions is now so high and secondary school students who have not given life a shot if it would be different have become masters in fraud.

Like I have said earlier, we need judiciary restructuring. A level ground for both elites and poor. For every crime either big or small, there must be consequences.

Without consequences, there will be multiplication of crimes and such society loses its sanity. Both yahoo boys and politicians who looted public funds commit same crime even one is more injurious than another. The same law that identifies a yahoo boy, punishes him should be able to do same to looters. That is how a sincere template of justice is formed.

Works are no more attractive. Hardwork does not pay again. The non-attractive ones are not even available in some situations. It is indeed a sad story yet waking up with a plan to deceive and scam people of their earned income should not be promoted but heavily condemned because there is no two ways to it.

As we blame yahoo boys and seek their perscution, looters should not be spared as well because their actions promote and sometimes frustrate people to do more evil

With these submissions, if you want to do yahoo, do it. If they catch you, bear the consequence alone, do not spread it. If you want to support fraud or yahoo, do it, it is your opinion and morality check. These justifications or mere tales of defense are very weak. Let us endeavour to rebuild our failing society and should not support any crime no matter its nature.

Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo

Baba Ijesha's lawyer, Adesina Ogunlana, has disclosed how he was granted bail by a magistrate on Monday despite the ongoing strike by judiciary workers.

Baba Ijesha is being detained by the police for alleged sexual assualt and defiling of the 14-year-old foster daughter of comedienne, Princess.

The lawyer in a live video on Facebook said Baba Ijesha was released by Chief Magistrate Toyin of the Lagos state Judiciary.

According to him, the magistrate said Baba ijesha’s offence is bailable.

The lawyer also said Baba Ijesha’s poor state of health in detention convinced the magistrate to release him.

He narrated, “Our client that has been in detention for more than 30 days has been granted bail at the facility of his detention. The magistrate that granted him bail is Chief Magistrate Toyin of the Lagos State Judiciary.

“The Chief Magistrate in partnership with the Ministry of Justice in partnership with a private organization, Police Decongestion Scheme led by a former chairman of the NBA in Ikorodu, Bayo Akinlade, visited Panti and under the decongestion scheme, visited that facility and met Baba Ijesha.

“Something was curious there. His name was not even entered as very much reliably learnt. The Chief Magistrate being bold and experienced, demanded to see him and he was brought to see the team. He came towards them limping and as we have described before, he was emaciated and bail was granted to him summarily by the Chief Magistrate and this is very very commendable.

”The conditions of bail are that Baba Ijesha must have two sureties. One of the sureties must be a level 10 officer, a civil servant. The other one should be a blood relation of the thespian.

“The bail is put as N500, 000 in large sum. It’s not security. It is just a bond that if he should run away, the sureties will pay that. We are very sure he will not run away. The verification is to be done by the OC Legal of the SCID Panti.”

Ogunlana faulted those who said Baba Ijesha should not have been released despite the ongoing JUSUN strike.

He said, ”It is not a victory for Baba Ijesha alone. It is for everybody. Rights must be respected. Laws must be respected. The idea of mob lynching, the idea of lopsided action when it comes to rights and priviledges of fellow citizens should be decried.

“I want to appreciate Chief Magistrate Toyin for the courage, for doing the right thing. For stepping into this matter. You remember the police had pandered to public opinion of some activist who were sayig he should never be released and hung it on the neck of JUSUN strike that they would have charged the man to court and were even talking about the Attorney General of Lagos state which with due respect to him, I wonder in the history of defilement, how can somebody who is not biased, who is not malicious say a prima facie case of defilement has been disclosed upon the facts of this case? We will look into that and take that up. Baba Ijesha’s rights has been brazenly brutalised.”

Due to the incessant killings and abductions in Benue state, Governor Samuel Ortom has urged residents to take up arms and defend themselves.

The governor made the call while speaking to journalists on Monday at Oyo State where he attended the Peoples Democratic Party Governors’ meeting.

The governor urged people to stand against armed invaders in their communities, even if it meant taking up weapons.

“I have told my people to defend themselves. You can’t sit down in your house for people to come from somewhere and kill you.

“If you don’t have weapons required by the law, go to your neighbour and get one. Everybody in Benue, both men and women should defend themselves,” he said.

According to Daily Trust, Ortom also expressed his anger concerning the fresh killings that were allegedly carried out by suspected armed herdsmen in the state.

To this effect, Ortom further stressed that the people should stand against such criminality in the future.
Crime / One Dies In Fatal Accident In Abuja
« Last post by Miss Ifeoluwa on Today at 11:13:37 AM »

One life has been lost in a fatal accident in Abuja.

The accident, involving two vehicles, occurred at Sunnyvale Junction, Lokogoma, Abuja on Monday, May 17.

It happened early morning and the wreckage was still there when people were on their way to work.

This resulted in a crowd gathering at the scene.


There was palpable tension as motorists and residents around Onigari at the Ogun State end of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway blocked the road following an accident involving a truck and some strayed cows.

The PUNCH gathered that some Fulani herders were leading the cows when they strayed onto the road and caused the accident.

An eyewitness at the scene of the incident said that the herders fled the scene after the accident.

“People are protesting to show their anger over the incident. It is causing traffic on the road as we speak,” he added.


We Have Uncovered 476 Online Sites Set Up To Provide Fake News And Fight Buhari-led Govt ― Lai Mohammed.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has stated that 476 online publication sites which post fake news about the Buhari-led administration have been uncovered.

He disclosed this on Monday in Abuja when he received officials of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations on a courtesy visit

Mohammed said the latest of the hatchet jobs by the traducers was the fake publication on President Muhammadu Buhari’s mental status.

“It will amaze you that recently we unveiled almost 476 online publication sites that are dedicated to daily engaging in churning out fake news to fight the government.

“The latest which I found ridiculous is the one that said days ago, that they had information that when Mr President was in the UK the last time, he was advised to step down because he could not even recognise members of his immediate family.

“I begin to wonder how they can go this far, simply because they know that people are gullible and they will make the fake news to go viral,’’
he said.

The minister noted that fake news is taking a new dimension and threatening the existence of the country.

He said the debilitating effects of the menace was not only on the government but on every Nigerian.

Mohammed noted that many marriages had been wrecked as a result of fake news, particularly through social media while people had lost their lives and many others committed suicide.

To buttress his position, the minister recalled a recent report where fake news almost led to the killing of 600 applicants by scammers.

“A young man sent out letters to 600 people to enlist into Nigerian Army and collected N10,000 from each of them.

“He asked them to report at the Okitipupa Army Barracks in Ondo state on a particular day to collect their letters of appointment.

“At the same time, he alerted the Commandant of the Barrack that Boko Haram insurgents were coming to invade the barrack on the same day,’’ he said.

Mohammed said his ministry had spearheaded the campaign against fake news years back before the menace got so bad.

He said the NIPR had a critical role to play in ensuring the fight against fake news.

“This is where your body comes in because you have a powerful platform to ensure that the menace of fake news is confronted squarely.

“Regrettably, however, members of this institute have been found wanting, they have most times place pecuniary interest and motives above patriotism and nationalism

“You will recall the sad incidence of the P&ID saga.

“It was a member of this institute, a firm of PR consultants that was hired to give impression to the world that Nigeria entered into agreement with P&ID and renege and have to pay about nine billion dollars.

“It took the combine interventions of this ministry and the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation to go to the UK to change the narrative to prove that the purported contract was a huge scam,’’ he said.

The minister admonished members of the institute to place nationalism and patriotism over and above pecuniary gains in the discharge of their duties.

He also assured NIPR of the support of the ministry in its proposed plan to use its platform to engender stakeholders interaction and engagement on national security and cohesion.

Earlier, Malam Mukhtar Sirajo, the National President and Chairman, Governing Council of NIPR said they were willing to work with the Federal Government to engender peace and unity.

He also seized the opportunity to invite the minister to the Annual General Meeting of the Institute holding in Bauchi in May.




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