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Author Topic: Fiction: The Financial Problem - Full Episode  (Read 3901 times)

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Fiction: The Financial Problem - Full Episode
on: January 03, 2018, 09:40:08 AM

What can you say about this interesting stories...

Episode 1

Aria: Oh!.. why is this house so dim? She raised the draperies/curtain of the self-contained of her boyfriend. Ryan! Ryan! She went and tapped him delicately.

Ryan: Hello Babe! Apologies, didn't know when you entered.

Aria: Is everything okay with you? This one that you didn't know when I stepped in. what have you been supposing about once more? She asked as she laid beside him, sharing the main bed which fills in as a pad and bed for anyone that comes into the flat.

Ryan: Mehn! Its a financial problem, I am simply so drained and disappointed. I have been looking for an occupation for as far back as one year yet nothing. I have you and my family individuals to deal with yet I can't brag of sending them money month to month stipends consistently. Investigate you as my better half, I can't even say take this cash, go and make your hair. Normal hair! The circumstance is awful ooo.

Aria: Is that why you need to kill yourself before time? Don't you know that overthinking isn't useful for your wellbeing? Since you have been considering and getting yourself worked up, what have you accomplished?

Ryan: Why won't I think when my kin at home are occupied with aggravating me with calls? Cameron my sibling continues calling relatively consistently of the day. I am simply worn out truly.

Aria: It is alright joor. Tune in, she said to him. God have seen you put your best exertion in searching for a vocation, simply be understanding, destiny will soon grin on you.

Ryan: My concern now is this house lease; it will lapse in the following three month. I truly don't know where I will motivate cash to pay up.

Keep in mind, it was my spared Alawi cash while I was serving that I utilized as a part of leasing this place.

Aria: Don't stress, something positive attitude happen soonest. I will attempt and check whether I can have the capacity to raise something before that time. Your landowner is a decent individual, I am certain he will have the capacity to gather half Payment pending when we pay the rest of the adjust. In the mean time, look what I purchased for you she said grinning as she unloaded the nourishment stuff or food stuff she brought from her place.

Ryan: Hmm.. He said picking the nourishment things in a steady progression and grinning. 'God will favor you. I ponder what I would have managed without you' he said taking a gander at her. 'You realize that you have been a gift.

Express gratitude toward God that while we were serving, I immediately inquired as to whether not this great things would have been for another man, envision another man pikin running my race ooo' he said grinning.

Aria: Stop joor. You and your sweet mouth. Give me a chance to take them to the kitchen before you complete me with your words. She stood up, went to the kitchen.

Ryan, a graduate happens to have a sweetheart named Aria. They both met while they were serving in Anambra state and from that point, their relationship bloomed. The previous year has been trying to him. He looked through all the snare and corners of Onitsha in scan for work all to no profit. At times he helps individuals who are searching for wheelbarrow pushers to help convey their merchandise. He has done conductor business yet had a drop out with the driver who declined paying him for administrations rendered as a conductor, the house he leased in Nkpor is a self-contain condo or apartment and despite the fact that the place resembles a ghetto to him, he still oversees it till something better comes up.

He was naturally introduced to the group of Mr. what's more, Mrs. Ejiofor. He is the first offspring of the family from the group of seven, Mother and father comprehensive. His dad is a resigned staff from Nigerian Broadcast communications Ltd. otherwise called Nitel. while his mom is a full time housewife however helps in offering Okrika garments to keep the family going since Nitel has declined to pay their resigned staff for additional than 10 years.

Mr. Ejoifor is of the feeling that, in the event that he sends his first child to class since he is a resigned retired person without pay, he would have done most some portion of his obligation as a father. He additionally demands that when his first child moves on from school the duty of his kin falls exclusively on him...

Mr. Ejiofor: Mama Addison! Mom Addison! He got out in the wake of taking his initial morning snuff. sitting before the little house shared by him and his family, he pondered when destiny will bless his child so that he will begin assuming full liability as a man of the house.

Mrs. Ejiofor: ' aah! Dad Addison, this one you are calling my name like this expectation no issue' she asked holding a sweeper with her right hand and attempting to tie her wrapper with the other.

Mr. Ejiofor: Urrmm. I need to converse with you about something extremely essential lady. Where is Addison, isn't she alert at this point to come what's more, continue with what you were doing?

Mrs. Ejiofor: I sent her on an errand to go and purchase Akamu we will utilize for breakfast. What you need to talk about with me that is so extremely critical, she said as she sat down on the seat her better half was sitting on. I am rapt with attention.

Mr. Ejiofor: I need to take a moment spouse.

Mrs. Ejiofor: Did I hear you well? You need to what? Hello! Hello! Dad Addison, so you imply that I am sufficiently bad for you any longer following thirty one years of marriage?

Mr. Ejiofor: I never said as much. All I require at the present time is a young lady with a new blood that will influence me to feel invigorated once more. I need to take a second spouse

Mrs. Ejiofor: It won't occur oooo. Mbanu! Not while I am still in this house.

Goodness! So you need to bring a moment spouse into this house eh! Take a gander at you sef. We can scarcely manage the cost of three square dinners daily and presently you need to add another mouth to the ones we can't bear to nourish. Who will deal with the obligation on the off chance that she begins conceiving an offspring Papa Addison?

Mr. Ejiofor: You ought not stress yourself over that. Try not to stress, at the point when Ryan lands a decent position, he will assume full liability.

Mrs. Ejiofor:Ehen! So subsequent to skipping with other little young ladies, you need to wed a young lady abi? No wahala however where there is an issue
is you needing to wed a spouse for my child to come and take duty regarding. Isn't it going to be excessively for him, he additionally have his own life to live oooo.

Mr. Ejiofor: lady, you can go and proceed what you were doing. I have revealed to you what I expected to, he requested.

Mrs. Ejiofor: I have said my own particular oooo. She stood, tied her wrapper again and left.

Later in the day, Mr. Ejiofor called Ryan, requesting that he go to the house for there is something he might want to talk about with him which is very urgent or exceptionally pressing. To be continued  ;D

Stay tuned for Episode 2...


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Fiction: The Financial Problem - Full Episode
Reply #1 on: January 03, 2018, 11:37:12 AM
Episode 2...

Ryan left Onitsha to Owerre-Ezukala where his folks/parents are based.

When he got to the house, he met nobody at home; he rapidly went straight to the kitchen and dropped the sustenance stuff he brought along with him. As he exhausted the sack containing the foodstuff, he heard strides. He exited what he was doing to see who just entered the house.

Ryan: 'Addison, where is everyone. Why I entered here and the entryway was opened' he asked his younger sibling.

Addison: Sorry Brother. Welcome. I just went outside to purchase garri and groundnut to take. I am exceptionally ravenous and no sustenance in the house.

Ryan: Where are your siblings?

Addison: They more likely than not gone to play football in Chinedu's home.

Ryan: Go to the kitchen, I brought some nourishment stuff. Check whether you can set anything up with them. Rush, I am extremely ravenous.

Addison: Okay sibling. She raced to the kitchen.

Ryan: Errmmm… Addison, he got out. Would could it be that Papa needs to converse with me about?

Addison: Hmm.. Sibling, you should sit tight for Papa to give you the news himself on the grounds that in the event that I disclose to you now eh, I will be stuck in an unfortunate situation.

Ryan: Tell me what it is joor.

Addison: well, sibling. I would prefer not to enter inconvenience ooo.

Ryan: Addy! Addy! he said as he went near her to congratulate her on the

back. Approve, let me know and I guarantee to act like you never let me know.

If it's not too much trouble nah! She battled off his hold. 'You know you are the main Clergyman of data in this house' he said grinning.

Addison: I won't she said grinning , swinging her correct leg back and forward.

Ryan: Please nah!

Addison: Okay, fine! The motivation behind why Papa said you should come
home is on the grounds that he needs to let you know and everybody in the house, he needs to take a moment spouse.

Ryan: What????

Addison: That isn't all ooo. 'I even heard him disclosing to Mama that you will go and go with him to pay the lady of the hour value couple of months from  presently' she said looking round the house to ensure nobody is listening stealthily on them… Hmm sibling, Mama wear talk tire yet it appears Papa has effectively decided.

Ryan: What sort of garbage is this one at this point. At the point when things are as hard as ever, Papa needs to wed another spouse. I should talk him out of it.

Addison: No point sibling! He has officially decided. You know how Papa is, once he says he will complete a specific thing, he barely alters his opinion.

Ryan: Okay, you can run and proceed with what you are going to do.

Addison: Ermm sibling, kindly don't tell anyone ooo. Simply act like you don't know on the grounds that if Papa becomes more acquainted with that you are as of now mindful, he won't be glad.

Ryan: No Problem Addy, you have my statement. She gestured and went about cooking supper for the family with the foodstuff Ryan brought along.

Aria fills in as a Storekeeper in Chiwendu's Store arranged at Gowen Square Asaba. They represent considerable authority in offering entire deal and retail drinks.

There, she met Jayce Mbatu who works at Guinness Company as a promoter of their image and merchandise. As far back as at that point, they both have been companions, they share everything disturbing them. Despite the fact that, Jayce likes Aria more than a companion yet since she is snared with another person, he regards her choice and judgment.

Jayce met Aria sitting in solitude in the store, with her hands on her button
as though she was stressed over something.

Jayce: Aria, would you say you are alright? 'Expel your hand from your button joor. You don't know what you look like when you do that' he said as he remained in front of her.

Aria: Jayce! I am fine Jare, simply somewhere out in dreamland pondering my individual issues.

Jayce: 'What is it' he asked as he attracted a seat near him and sat down. Expectation no be man issue on the grounds that whenever wey I see you like
this na Ryan matter you dey consider.

Aria: 'Would i be able to approach you for some help please' she asked disregarding his proclamation.

Jayce: Sure. What is it you need?

Aria: Can I get like eighty thousand naira from you?

Jayce: Ah! That is an immense cash. What would you like to do with eighty thousand naira?

Aria: Actually, It is for something individual. I guarantee to pay you back in any case, I will pay in portion. You know say my compensation na forty thousand
naira every month.

Jayce: Aria, you haven't addressed the inquiry. What would you like to do with forty thousand naira?

Aria: Looking at him and thinking about whether to reveal to him the reason why she needs the cash or not. 'Errmm Jayce' she said scratching her head, 'I require the cash for individual reasons'.

Jayce: It is for Ryan abi? That is the reason you need such an enormous measure of cash. How might you even pay me back when you acquire just forty
thousand? Is Ryan bugging you for money?

Aria: It isn't care for that na. I simply require it gravely. In the event that you can't help, just let me know rather than you to continue addressing me.

Jayce: Ehen! Sorry ooo, for my own cash once more? I have to know the reason since it is my cash and I will get a kick out of the chance to realize what you require the cash for and when you will pay me back.

Aria: I will pay you twenty thousand naira each for four back to back months.

Jayce: What would you like to utilize the cash for?

Aria: For something individual na shooo, which kind inquiry be this one na. Give me on the off chance that you go give me no dey ask support question abeg.

Jayce: Okay, yet na fifty thousand naira I go give you oooo.

Aria: Thanks I appreciate. I guarantee that I won't baffle you when it achieves time for installment.

Jayce: ' I hear' he said taking a gander at her and asking why she declined to reveal to him the explanation behind the cash.

At around 9:00PM at night, after the entire relatives have had their supper, Mr. Ejiofor called his better half and kids in the sitting space for a family meeting.

Mr. Ejiofor: Mama Addison, Errmm..Ryan, Cameron, Dylan, Adam and Addison he called every single one of the looking at them without flinching.

I called all of you here today on the grounds that starting now and into the foreseeable future, all of you will have a
step mother. You will treat her with affection and give her the essential regard required. Treat her like you treat your own particular mother and… he was hindered by Ryan his first child.

Ryan: Papa, you need to wed? I can't trust this. In what capacity would you be able to wed when we can scarcely remain on our feet in this house?

Mr. Ejiofor: ' Ryan, will you quiets down' he yelled. What do you mean how might I wed? Am I not the man of this house?

Mrs. Ejiofor: ah! Dad Addison, the young fellow just asked a question na. Rather than you to answer the inquiry you are occupied yelling at him in vain.

Mr. Ejiofor: took a gander at his significant other with outrage in his eyes and proceeded with what he was stating. As I was stating before I was intruded on, I need all of you to regard her with the goal that we would all be able to live in peace. Ryan, you furthermore, some of my kin will go with me to her town to pay her lady of the hour cost one month from now. Will give you the date in due time. "Addison?" he called

Addison: Yes Papa

Mr. Ejiofor: You are our lone girl in this house and you are the just a single possessing your room. I need you to move your things to your mother's room and prepare that space for your progression mother. Did you hear me?

Addison: Yes Papa.

Mr. Ejiofor: Good. Is there something else? Any inquiry. They all chorused 'Yes' Alright, Let me begin with you Ryan. What is the question once more?

Ryan: In this season of hardship, when there is no activity and we are all attempting to put our heads above waters, Who will be in charge of her

kids when they begin coming?

Stay tuned for Episode 3...

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Fiction: The Financial Problem - Full Episode
Reply #2 on: January 03, 2018, 01:05:10 PM

Episode 3...

Mr. Ejiofor: Listen every one of you and listen painstakingly, all of you will fare thee well of each other, whether I am alive or dead. I know the circumstance won't be simple that is the reason, when you Ryan land a decent Position,Cameron and Dylan will be your fundamental duty. In due time, when they are on their feet, they will assume control by dealing with Adam. Addison has no issue since her Mother is dependably there for her aside from if God preclude, something happens which we supplicate against then Addison will be your sole need. She is the main little girl we have and she should be taken great care of pending when suitors' begins wanting her deliver marriage.

Ryan: This is excessively Papa. This is simply a lot on me particularly as the principal kid and the main child he whined intensely. I don't have an occupation yet however I ensure that I send something regardless of how little
for you all consistently. I scarcely deal with myself. All my idea is on you individuals, for you individuals to nourish fine and be well. I can't even keep in mind the last time I purchased a shirt for myself. I am a man Papa, I should begin considering how to get hitched and bring up my children not you. You are old. You have a spouse who will take of you and your youngsters who will bolster you. Wouldn't you say wedding a moment spouse as of now isn't right?

Mr. Ejiofor: You mean I am off with this choice?

Ryan: Papa If you get hitched, where is the cash that you will use in dealing with your new spouse? I am not discussing my own mom ooo. I am discussing your new spouse, my progression – mother to be? How would you be able to sustain her? How might you deal with her? 'Is it with my own moms business that is now disintegrating or with the minimal expenditure I send? Daddy how na' he asked with his hands akimbo.

Mr. Ejiofor: When we arrive, we will cross the scaffold.

Ryan: No daddy, let us cross the extension now since I know you as well
well. When it gets to that time, everything will fall on me. I have my possess life to live oooo. What do you even need another spouse for when your to start with spouse is still with you?

Mr. Ejiofor: I have talked and settled on my choice. Errmmm… 'Cameron and Dylan, what is the issue you needed to ask' he said disregarding Ryan.

Cameron: Papa, when am I permitted to go to Onitsha and Join sibling Ryan?

Mr. Ejiofor: When he lands a position you will go along with him quickly.

Dylan: Papa, you said you will give me cash to compose Jamb. At the point when will that be on account of Jamb will soon quit offering their frame.

Mr. Ejiofor: He swung to Ryan 'When are you going to bring cash for his Jamb?'

Ryan: Looking at all of them, he kept quiet.

Mrs Ejiofor: Ryan, is it not you your dad is conversing with?

Ryan: 'No one ought to irritate me gracious!' he yelled, 'No one should just

get me irate tonight'. He took a gander at his mom and Father.

Mom! Father! How might you individuals consider bringing forth Five Youngsters when you can barely encourage one kid? You delivered and created and need to keep delivering overlooking that the essential necessities for dealing with a kid are not there. As far back as we were
every single little kid; we barely have enough nourishment or garments to wear. We all went are as yet going to state funded school, notwithstanding when I figured out how to enter higher establishment; I hustled and battled through school. Presently that I am at long last a graduate searching for a vocation, I see every one of you turning upward to me to deal with. Why not individuals go and learn one exchange or
the other and stand up all on your feet since you know the circumstance on
ground and the sort of family you came into?

Mrs Ejiofor: Is it in view of Dylan's Jamb frame that you are stating all this?

Ryan: Mama, it isn't a direct result of Dylan's Jamb shape that I am stating
this. It is on account of you are on the whole stifling me with your issues. I have

my own particular issue as well. I need to get hitched and have youngsters however how would i be able to arrange for when you individuals continue adding more to my effectively unsolved issues?

Mrs Ejiofor: My child, I know it is difficult. On the off chance that your dad was or is
getting his annuities this will have decrease every one of your weights. If it's not too much trouble relax on your siblings' biko, Biko Nwam!

Mr. Ejiofor: Adam, what would you like to let me know?

Dylan: Ermm..Papa, you haven't… .before he could complete his proclamation, he was intruded on once more

Ryan: Papa, they can disclose to you whatever it is. I need to go to bed abeg.

In the event that I continue remaining here and tuning in, we won't leave here today. I have to leave early tomorrow morning on the grounds that there is a place I need to go and present my CV in Onitsha.

Mr. Ejiofor: 'Okay, will disclose to you when we will go for the installment of lady of the hour value' he said and Ryan left them to proceed with their discourse.

One month after the installment of the lady of the hour cost to the group of Mr.
furthermore, Mrs. Onwudinjo in Asaba, their new lady of the hour was brought home.

Ryan was caught up with getting readied to go to Onitsha principle market to hussle for the day when he got a dire call to answer to No.33 Upper Iweaka Road, Okechukwu Ventures Limited by 1pm later in the day. He immediately dialed Aria's number and educated him of his day development before he set off for hustling.

As he got to Onitsha principle Market, he didn't know how or what to do to get cash for the day. He saw a lady who was searching for a wheel wheelbarrel and went to her.

Ryan: 'Madame! Hello. In the event that you dey search for wheel dump cart I fit
enable you to convey your merchandise to where you wan go' he said scratching his head.

Madame: taking a gander at the decent looking young fellow, fashionable and
thought about whether he isn't 419. 'No stress, I go hold up till I see wheel hand truck, you no go fit convey the heap e too bounty'.

Ryan: Madame, I fit convey am ooo. No look as I take clean myself turn out to work early today. Man must survive and I dey skilled.

You see this heap eh! He said pointing at the three major bundled products lying on the ground. I fit convey am whether you run pay me well with blesses his face.

Madame: Young man, I said don't stress; I will sit tight for the wheel cart pushers. 'I ponder where they are' she said taking a gander at her wristwatch.

Ryan: Madame on a genuine note, I can do it. You can pay me whatever you need. Let me do what needs to be done for you.

Madame: So you talk great English Fluently? It is safe to say that you are a graduate? He gestured his head. 'What are you doing here?

Ryan: With blesses his face he said 'man must get by since no work in naija, I come here to hustle without anyone else to bring home the bacon'.

Madame: She grinned at how he talked and how humble he is. 'Approve' she stated, 'Enable me to convey my heap to where I can get an auto going to Osadebe Avenue in Awka'.

Rapidly, he lifted the three burdens which were overwhelming with the assistance of a bystander, one on top each other on his head and went under the connect with the lady trailing after her. When he arrived, he talked to one of the taxi drivers in his local tongue and the passage was concurred upon. She was astonished and upbeat at how he made her excursion simple furthermore, less unpleasant. She gave him her card, requesting that he call her first thing toward the beginning of the day the next day and gave five thousand naira to him for Job well done.

Ryan: 'Ah! Much obliged to you mama' he bowed.

Madame: What are you saying thanks to me for? You made my activity simple for

me. On the off chance that it was some time recently, I will be here doing combating and searching for who will enable me to convey my products for me. Here and there, it will take me 60 minutes also. You know how risky this place is, I am dependably on caution whenever I come here.

Ryan: 'yet five thousand naira is excessively a charge for what I simply did' he said genuinely.

Madame: she grinned and said to herself 'What a fair man he is'. What did you consider / study in school?

Ryan: Electrical Engineering Ma.

Madame: Meet me up tomorrow and join your CV. I may have some place to set you up; you are not intended to be here. 'See you tomorrow' she said as she entered the auto and the driver drove off.

Ryan: turned upward in the sky and said 'I accept there is still expectation and a put some place for me in this world and I will arrive sometime in the future.

Much thanks to you God for influencing me to live home today and meeting an outsider who I supplicate will be a venturing stone to my significance. I thank you God' he went on his knee and brought his hands up noticeable all around with passers-by looking and thinking about whether this is new franticness in Onitsha.

Stay online for Episode 4..

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Fiction: The Financial Problem - Full Episode
Reply #3 on: January 03, 2018, 02:30:19 PM
Episode 4..

One Morning, as Aria was doing her typical house errands, her mom shouted to her from her room.

Mrs. Ekueme: Aria! Aria!

Aria: 'Yes Mommy, I am coming' she cleared out the plate she was washing in
the kitchen and went to her mom.

Mrs. Ekueme: I realize that you are getting late for work yet I have to converse with you about something that has been at the forefront of my thoughts for very a few time now. If you don't mind take a seat and give me five minutes of your opportunity.

Aria: Okay Mommy! 'What is she' she asked as she sat around her bedside.

Mrs. Ekueme: Aria, do you have a man in your life?

Aria: Mommy, is this the reason you called me early today? To talk to me about a man?

Mrs. Ekueme: Aria, you are my little girl and I am worried about you. I have never observed you with a man talk a greater amount of hearing you get calls. You are my lone girl and it is just right that I know
what is transpiring, wouldn't you say so?

Aria: Mommy, you ought not stress yourself over this. At the point when the privilege time comes, I will convey a man home to you. I converse with men, I get
calls from men. It is only that I like my life to be private.

Mrs. Ekueme: If you say there is somebody, he ought to do and come
na. Does he need to hold up till you begin developing white hairs or on the off chance that you begin entering menopause?

Aria: ' Mommy, don't begin abeg' she said fractiously. At the point when the time is
right, I will bring him home. Each time you need to converse with me it is
continuously about a man and when is he coming. Ok! I am burnt out on hearing
that. I am just taking as much time as necessary; I would prefer not to hurry into things.

Mrs. Ekueme: well… have you completed the process of fuming? So you are not upbeat that I called you this early morning to discuss this issue to you? In the event that you like tirade till tomorrow, all I know is that I need to convey my grandchild soonest. The prior he comes and do the needful the better for every one of us on the grounds that as long as you are under my rooftop and still unmarried at this age, I won't quit aggravating you about bringing a man home to us. Did you hear what I just said?

Aria: Mommy this isn't reasonable ooo, Haba! You individuals are putting us, we the young ladies under strain. This is one reason why there are so many broken homes today. You compel us into marriage essentially in light of the fact that you need to convey your grandchild or in light of the fact that your companions kids are getting hitched, overlooking that we as a whole have our own race to run. I am in no opposition with nobody. I am only twenty eight years of age and at the point when God says the time has come, why should I say No?

Mrs. Ekueme: I have said my own ooo. You may leave, go and proceed with what you were doing. Aria stood up from the quaint little inn left mumbling to herself.

After close from work that same day, Aria immediately hurried to Ryan put since he got back to her couple of hours advising her to surge home instantly when she is through for the day. She took a stab at asking what the issue was however he rejected advising her thus she raced to his put.

Aria: Ryan, what was the deal? She asked instantly she entered the house and met him lying on the bed. What happened she asked once more, perplexed that something horrible may have transpired. Converse with me na… what was the deal?

Ryan: 'You realize that I adore you so especially right' he asked as soon as he was on a sitting position, laying his back on the divider and taking a gander at her.

Aria: Ryan, I didn't come the distance from Asaba to Onitsha for you to disclose to me you adore me. I figured something awful may have happened to
you. Did you go out today sef this one you are caught up with resting?

Ryan: I did and I am back. 'Before I reveal to you anything, I need to welcome you for been the best sweetheart ever' he held her hands near his heart and proceeded with 'my heart pulsates and will keep on beat for you till my withering days. You have been, not only a decent
sweetheart however a strong one at that. You urged me to move on with life despite the fact that everything I could see were extraordinary dividers that proved unable break. Much obliged to you so in particular'.

Aria: what am I your better half for on the off chance that I can't affect something
positive in your life? 'You are welcome' she said touching his cheek 'be that as it may, hold up goodness, what was the deal? You terrified the life out of me when you called'.

Ryan: Okay fine. I will let you know however you need to think about what it is first. Oya figure.

Aria: Thinking. Urrm… Okay, the place you were advised to come to recently, they called you for a vocation

Ryan: Nope, one final attempt, figure once more.

Aria: 'Ryan Please na, I can't figure once more. Reveal to me what it is now since I don't care for the anticipation' she said moping her mouth and scowling.

Ryan: Okay fine. I met a lady yesterday when I went to hustle, she instructed me to come toward the beginning of today of which I did. Gee! my dear, God works in puzzling ways. She is my partner sent from above.

Aria: Okay, when you went at the beginning of today what was the deal? She inquired anxious to hear the finish of the story.

Ryan: 'she gave me an occupation' he yelled.

Aria: 'what' she shouted. Hold up a moment, this isn't one of your tricks right?

Ryan: I am not kidding joor. She disclosed to me I can answer to chip away at Monday since the week is as of now finished.

Aria: gracious my God! She shouted. Amazing! Finally, God of Shiloh has at last heard our Prayers. I am so cheerful and in the meantime so assuaged. Congratulations Ryan. I am so upbeat for you, which implies I can restore the fifty thousand naira I acquired.

Ryan: Please do. Won't you ask me what amount the compensation is?

Aria: How much is the compensation?

Ryan: I will begin with 120 thousand naira for a begin.

Aria: Serious? She opened her eyes in stun. 120 thousand naira. Gee.. That is extremely a decent begin ooo. At the point when a few people are paying others 40 thousand, 30 thousand, even 18 thousand sef and yours is Triple. You are extremely fortunate.

Ryan: Which fortunate, it is effortlessness that is working for me ooo. My New Day break has just started.

Aria: hahahaha. It has surely. I am so upbeat. Have you educated your individuals as of now?

Ryan: Yes I have. They were so cheerful and my dad needs me to return home tomorrow sef.

Aria: trust this time around no issue on the grounds that whenever you go home it is a certain something or another and shouldn't something be said about the place you were advised to come to yesterday?

Ryan: They didn't state anything genuine beside inquiring as to whether I do authoritative occupation for eighteen thousand naira of which I dismissed.

Pause, let me get dressed, I am taking you out to ruin you legitimately.

Aria: Okay ooo. Finally, he has landed a position. When he is more steady, we will discuss getting hitched… . Can hardly wait to be called Mrs. Ryan she contemplated internally and grinned/smiled.

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Re: Fiction: The Financial Problem - Full Episode
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Episode 5...

It's been three months since Evelyn came into the house as the new spouse. Over the previous months, she has not been an upbeat lady. She can scarcely manage the cost of a decent dinner or garments for herself and she wasn't upbeat that the man she wedded isn't even fit for dealing with her like he guaranteed.

She took a gander at the man wheezing uproariously close to her, chose to let him realize that she isn't content with the circumstance of things.

Evelyn: My better half, please wake up. She tapped him generally on his bear.

Mr. Ejiofor: gee… .well.

Evelyn: wake up! 'There is something imperative I will like us to examine please' she said getting bothered at his dribble by the side of his mouth.

Mr. Ejoifor: Okay! He sat up with languid eyes 'would could it be that you need to converse with me about that can't pause?'.

Evelyn: My better half, It is critical else I wouldn't have woken you up.

Mr. Ejoifor: Okay, what is it?

Evelyn: My significant other, you ought to have disclosed to me you were wedding me to endure me. My marriage with you is scarcely three months yet it appears as though I am in the most exceedingly terrible sort of circumstance here. You let me know even before we got hitched that you were fit for dealing with me however inverse has been the situation.

Mr. Ejiofor: Why are you saying this, my better half?

Evelyn: Since we got hitched, let me know and please make a special effort to be genuine with me.

Have I ever one day eaten three square dinner daily? At the point when was the last time I purchased great garments for myself? Was it not before we got hitched?

Mr Ejoifor:. 'I am sad things have not been the way you anticipate that it will be yet not to stress, I will make it up to you' he said grinning and attracting her near him.

Evelyn: 'Don't begin with this your, I will influence it up to you to joor' she battled out of his grip. Reveal to me how you will influence it up to me to start with.

Mr. Ejoifor: I will ask Ryan, my first child for some cash when he comes amid the end of the week. When he gives me the cash, it will all be yours.

Evelyn: 'on the off chance that he gives you the cash, give me every last bit of it ooo. Try not to give it to your first spouse' she said holding her left ear. She has delighted in you enough, it is time I appreciate you myself.

Mr. Ejiofor: But shouldn't something be said about all the cash he gave me a day or two ago that I gave over to you?

Evelyn: Which Money? The forty thousand naira? I utilized everything na, it was not in any case enough.

Mr. Ejiofor: Omalicha bekem… Oyoyo nwuyem… Don't stress yourself.

When Ryan comes, any cash he gives me will be all yours. My to begin with spouse is doing her Okrika business, so the minimal expenditure she makes there is all hers. I will ruin you when Ryan gives me cash you hear.

Evelyn: 'Yes my better half, that is the reason you are my significant other na. if not, this room won't contain us in the event that you do else' she said. Oya, lie
down lets have some activity. You realize that tomorrow is your first spouse's turn, given me a chance to have my offer before tomorrow comes.

Cameron, the prompt junior sibling to Ryan completed Secondary School four years back however because of the way that his dad is monetarily precarious to see him through higher Institution has remained at home doing nothing with the guarantee that when Ryan lands a decent position, he will be the one to assume up his liability.

It's been three months since Ryan landed a position and nothing has been said concerning him assisting his Education. He stuffed his garments inside his pack the morning Ryan was to leave for Onitsha and went to where Ryan and his dad were.

Mr. Ejiofor: Cameron, where are you going to with your pack this morning?

Cameron: Papa, I am not going to hear you out continually instructing me to be quiet any longer. A large portion of my mates in school are graduates and here I am, as yet attempting to enter school. I am leaving with Brother Ryan to Onitsha. Keep in mind you guaranteed me that when he lands a position, I will move in with him and from that point he will prepare me in school.

Ryan: I have said you will move in with me and I will take duty however now isn't the ideal opportunity for that. Simply remain here and at the point when next I come, we will discuss your school and by his effortlessness, start up from that point.

Mr. Ejiofor: But what isn't right with him running with you over yonder presently?

Ryan: Papa, I don't know how to influence you to individuals comprehend that my put isn't sufficiently favorable for anyone to come and remain with me.

Mr. Ejiofor: He is your sibling, he will oversee.

Ryan: Papa, you don't get it. When I have enough cash to lease an condo, I will welcome him over. My flat isn't too useful for anybody to come and be remaining with me for the present.

Camreon: I wouldn't fret, I will oversee. On the off chance that you are remaining there, so will I.

Ryan: Okay fine, I am burnt out on belligerence with you. You can go and pause for me outside. Daddy and I have something we were discussing before you came in with your own particular wahala.

Mr. Ejiofor: As soon as Cameron ventured out, he proceeded with 'You see my child, when I sent you to class; I needed to acquire cash from individuals with the goal that you will attempt however much as could reasonably be expected to get done with tutoring. I am happy that my diligent work is paying off. You are a graduate and working in a trustworthy organization.

Ryan: Papa, you have disclosed to me this account of how you endured to acquire cash to send me to class a few times. Simply hit the nail on the head as of now. What is it?

Mr. Ejiofor: I need you to give me some cash to use to provide food for the family. I don't have any penny on me.

Ryan: How much would we say we are discussing here? I sent you forty thousand naira for upkeep two weeks prior.

Mr. Ejiofor: I used it and the cash is done.

Ryan: What did you utilize forty thousand naira for?

Mr. Ejiofor: So since I am requesting cash you now need to know what I utilize the cash for Ryan?

Ryan: Haba Papa, it isn't so. Simply that I sent you forty thousand naira and I gave my mom twenty thousand naira for the house. You disclosing to me the cash has completed confuses me.

Mr.Ejiofor: Ryan, the cash is done basic.

Ryan: 'gee' he moans. What amount do you need now?

Mr. Ejiofor: I require Eighty thousand naira.

Ryan: What! What for?

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Re: Fiction: The Financial Problem - Full Episode
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Episode 6..

Mr. Ejiofor: why are you yelling, would you like to cut down the rooftop? Similarly as he was reproving Ryan, Mrs Ejiofor left what she was doing to participate in the father and child discussion. Evelyn who has been listening stealthily on their discussion likewise came to go along with them quickly she saw the main spouse taking a seat.

Mrs Ejiofor: Ryan, why are you yelling? Do you know where I heard your voice?

Ryan: Mama I am sad simply that Papa is requesting the unthinkable at the present time. Daddy, do you realize that Cameron and Dylan obligations are on me? How might you request such a measure of cash from me?

It is excessively oooo. 'You for kukuma come dey work with me na so that the cash go twofold' he mourned.

Mrs. Ejiofor: what amount is the cash sef?

Ryan: Eighty thousand naira.

Mrs. Ejiofor: Haba Papa Addison, it is excessively a sum na. What you would like to do with it? He is just a single man carring an excessive number of duties the way things are currently. Regardless of whether … . She was hindered by


Evelyn: what is excessively about the cash? Is it accurate to say that he is not working? Was he not the one he spent his beginning and end to send to class? It is his duty to deal with his family na.

Ryan: 'gee. Mrs. Evelyn. It would be ideal if you remain out of this. This doesn't
concern you please. I realize that the reason my dad is requesting such a measure of cash is a direct result of you. I cautioned you Papa didn't I? I cautioned you about adding weights to me yet you wouldn't tune in.

Presently you need to gather such an enormous measure of cash due to your second spouse. I am sorry to learn this yet I don't have enough cash to save right now'. 'At the point when individuals are considering how to profit and simplicity themselves of issues you are considering giving my hard procure money to her' he pointed at Evelyn.

Mr. Ejiofor: 'Recall that she is your progression mother and I won't have you disregard her in my home' he requested. 'When I acquired cash to send you to class, didn't you know it was additionally troublesome for me as around then? Since I am approaching you for cash you need to rub sand in my face eh Ryan' he yelled.

Ryan: I am sad Papa. I didn't intend to be impolite. I will send you the cash once I get paid at that point.

Mr.Ejiofor: Good, that is the thing that I need to hear. He stood up and left the living room where they were all sitting with Evelyn trailing behind him.

Mrs. Ejiofor: who has been viewing the entire situation felt for her child. She stood up and went to sit adjacent to him. Ryan! I realize that things are troublesome however please relax on yourself approve. Everything will be

okay you hear?

Ryan: Mama, the weight is truly overloading me. Dad isn't even improving the situation. For what reason wouldn't he be able to search for any business for her with the goal that she can begin gaining her own particular cash? Will he continue sucking me dry to fulfill her? I am not the one wedded to her but rather it appears like I took over his duties. In the event that he was Dangote or Atiku Abubakar, I won't question his taking another spouse since I know he has the riches that will last him and his youngsters an existence time however for this situation, he isn't.

Mrs. Ejiofor: Do wouldn't fret your dad, give whatever you can and design your life as well. You are presently a man, you ought to consider settling down soon.

Ryan: I will mom. Be that as it may, at this moment, isn't the ideal opportunity for me to think towards that territory. Give me a chance to deal with Dylan and Cameron first.

Mrs. Ejiofor: 'Approve my youngster, deal with yourself and call me when you get to Onitsha' she said as he faced go.

Ryan: Yes Mama. Fare thee well and tell the rest that I have gone ooo.

Aria got to Ryan's home , met his Brother Cameron mulling over the bed. The minute Cameron went to Ryan's home, Aria and Cameron moved toward becoming companions since she was acquainted with him as Ryan sweetheart.

Despite the fact that Aria was somewhat awkward having Cameron remain with him at his little condo since she loves having her security with Ryan when she is around however realized that it might be for a short time.

Aria: 'This one you are at home today, no excursion? I thought you too chip away at Saturday' she asked when she ventured into the house also, met Cameron on the bed squeezing his telephone.

Cameron: 'No Aunt Aria. I don't chip away at Saturdays' he said as he gazed toward her. Welcome.

Aria: Where is your sibling?

Cameron: He ventured out couple of hours prior, he will soon be back.

Aria: Okay, let me call him. She drew out her telephone and dialed his

number. Ryan picked when he saw it was Aria calling. Hi Ryan, where are you? She held up a couple of minutes before saying, I am in your house sitting tight for you, trust you won't take long? Affirm, I will hold up at that point.

Affirm, bye. She hung up the call.

Cameron: Is he coming?

Aria: Yes! He is en route as of now, he won't be long.

Cameron: Okay.

Aria: Have you all eaten? She asked, sitting on the bed close to him.

Cameron: Yes we have. We ate the extra rice of yesterday.

Aria: affirm. What is the arrangement for school?

Cameron: We are moving forward with it. At the point when Jamb shape is at a bargain, Sibling Ryan will give Dylan and I cash to go buy it. On the off chance that we are effective, we ought to be in school by one year from now.

Aria: Don't stress; you folks will influence it In Jesus To name. Expectation you are perusing ooo. You accompanied your books abi?

Cameron: I did, I am perusing.

Aria: 'Let me go to the kitchen and see what's there' she said as she remained to go to the kitchen. Barely any minutes Later Ryan went into the house.

Ryan: Aria, he shouted to her.

Aria: 'gracious Ryan, you are back. Where did you go to'? She asked as soon as she ventured out of the kitchen.

Ryan: I went to do some hustling na.

Aria: Take it simple on yourself ooo. This one you are hustling like there is no tomorrow. Rather than you to rest and get yourself together against Monday you are caught up with searching for cash here and there.

Ryan: 'I require as much cash as I can get at this moment. I have a considerable measure of things in my mind' he said as he sat on the carpet near the bed.

Aria: Cameron, would you be able to please pardon us for couple of minutes, there is something I need to talk about with your sibling.

Cameron: Alright. He stood up and left the room they were all sharing.

Ryan: It must be not kidding ooo. This one you strikingly ask my sibling to pardon us.

Aria: Yes it is. Ryan, whatever I need to examine with you is about us.

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