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Author Topic: Pure Romance Things Only Your Forever Person Will Do  (Read 275536 times)

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10 Pure Romance Things Only Your Forever Person or Partner Will Do.

1. He will listen to you talk about “gross” girl stuff.

So many men get grossed out when you tell them you’re on your period, but you’re forever person won’t shudder when you say you’re heavy this month or you’ve got bad cramps. They won’t judge you when you eat an entire box of candy and still want a greasy pizza later on. They’ll understand that during that week, you’ll be cranky and emotional and eat a month’s worth of sugar, and they’ll still love you and desire you.

2. He’ll never get mad at you for expressing your feelings

Your forever person won’t get defensive when you say you feel uncomfortable about their friendship with the girl from work. They won’t say you’re being overly sensitive when you get upset that they haven’t responded to your text for 5 hours. They won’t call you crazy or irrational when you ask who they’re texting or are feeling insecure about their behavior.

3. He will always put your feelings first

If you tell him the constant texting with his female colleagues is bothering you, then he’ll stop. If you tell him that you would like to meet the people he spends most of his time with, he’ll make it happen. If you tell him that staying in touch with his exes makes you feel uncomfortable, he’ll put an end to it. He will always make sure you’re feelings come first.

4. He will do cutesy things without you having to ask

Your forever person will buy you flowers from the store on his way home from work just because you were on his mind all day. He’ll wake you up with coffee from your favorite place because he knows if you had your way, you’d get up and go there every morning. He’ll text you throughout the day even though he knows you’ll be too busy to reply because he wants you to know that no matter where he is or what he’s doing, he would rather be with you, that you are always on his mind.

5. He will come to all of the boring family events with you

Your forever person won’t mind coming along to your grandma’s 60th birthday party- in fact, he loves her just as much as you do. He will make an effort with the people in your life that you care about. He’ll play with your nieces and nephews and talk sports with your grandad, even though he isn’t a football fan because he knows how special he is to you and that means he’s special to him too.

6. He won’t bring up past mistakes

Your forever person won’t use your previous mistakes as ammo during arguments. He won’t keep a score-card just so you feel like the worse person when you disagree about something. We all make mistakes and he’ll forgive and forget because he only wants to focus on moving forward and being happy with you.

7. He will always make sure you’re satisfied

Your forever person will never make you feel like you exist simply for his pleasure. He won’t just get his and then roll over and go to sleep. He won’t complain it takes you “half an hour” and that he gets tired. He won’t make you feel bad for his own lack of trying. Sex will be something for both of you, always. He will make sure you aren’t left feeling disappointed and used.

8. He will let you have an opinion which doesn’t match his

Your forever person won’t attack you for disagreeing with him. He won’t make you feel like you have to agree with everything he says, he won’t take away your voice. He’ll love that you have something to say about everything, he’ll love how passionate and smart you are.

9. He will treat you without everything having to be equal

Your forever person will take you for dinner or a romantic trip without then demanding that you do the same for him. He’ll do things because he loves you and he loves to see you happy, not because he wants the same in return. He won’t keep a chart of who’s done what for whom, he’ll always make an effort to make you feel special.

10. He will make you feel enough

Your forever person will always compliment the way you look, even if you’ve just woken up and you have wild, greasy hair and morning breath, he’ll make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world. He will never make you think you have to change in order for him to still want you. He’ll make you feel enough, more than enough.



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