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Posted by: Mr. Babatunde
« on: March 01, 2020, 12:26:57 PM »

[Physics 3] Motion , Types , Causes Of Motion And Frictions (Solutions)

1. One of this is a causes of motion.

A. Friction
B. Forces ✔
C. Hitting
D. Punching

2. _______ Involves a change of position of a body with time.

A. Force
B. Friction
C. Motion ✔
D. Momentum

3. One of this is not a disadvantages of friction.

A. It causes heating of engine
B. It reduces motion
C. It reduces the efficiency of machines
D. It is made rough to cause slipping ✔

4. When a body is placed over another, a force acts between the surface in contact and this force is called.

A. Limitting friction ✔
B. Magnetic friction
C. Static friction
D. Solid friction

5. The type of motion in which a body moves in a non-linear manner and changes direction continuously.

A. Rotational motion
B. Relative motion
C. Random motion ✔
D. Oscillatory motion

6. One of this is not an example of Rotational motion.

A. Simple pendulum ✔
B. Car wheel
C. Electric fan
D. The earth

7. One of this is not a method of reducing friction

A. Lubricating
B. Banking
C. Polishing
D. Surface tension ✔

8. When a force is attached to a string and whirled round at constant speed in a horizontal circle, the stone moves with same speed but at different directions and acceleration directed towards the centre of the circle due to the tension in the string that produces a force. The force required to keep this object (stone) moving in this circular part is.

A. Contact force
B. Centripetal force ✔
C. Force field
D. Gravitational force

9. A motion in a circular path in which the speed of the body remains constant while its direction continuously changes is.

A. Circular motion ✔
B. Linear motion
C. Random motion
D. Relative motion

10. One of this is not an example of oscillatory motion.

A. Punching a bag
B. Simple pendulum
C. Vibration of pluncked guitar string
D. Dashing of objects in air ✔



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