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Author Topic: [Biology 4] Enzymes, Mode of Nutrition And Ecosystem (Solutions)  (Read 47896 times)

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1. The organic catalyst which is usually proteinous in the nature, which speed up the rate of chemical activities in the living cell but not speed up in the process.

A. Enzymes ✔
B. Catalyst
C. Autecology
D. Syncology

2. Enzymes found outside the cell is

A. Autecology
B. Extracellular ✔
C. Intracellular
D. Holophytic

3. The total number of organism of the same species living together in a given area is

A. Habitat
B. Population ✔
C. Producer
D. Environment

4. The study of plant and animal in relations to their environment is

A. Consumer
B. Autecology
C. Synecology
D. Ecology ✔

5. The study of the inter relationship between two groups of organism or species of organism living together in area is

A. Symbotic
B. Synecology ✔
C. Ecology
D. Autecology

6. The source of Ptylin in digestive enzymes is

A. Pancrease
B. Gastric gland
C. Salivery gland ✔
D.  Duodenum

7. The interaction between living and non-living things in their environment is

A. Ecosystem ✔
B. Ecology
C. Autecology
D. Saprophytic

8. The green plant which manufactured their own food by making use of carbon(iv)oxide and chlorophyll in the presence of sunlight is

A. Producer
B. Decomposer
C. Photosynthesis ✔
D. Consumer

9. The nutrition in which organism are enable to manufactured their own food but depends on already manufactured food is

A. Autotrophic
B. Heterotrophic  ✔
C. Parasitic
D. Symbotic

10. The location of Erepsin in digestive enzymes is

A. Duodenum
B. Small intestine ✔
C. Salivery gland
D. Mouth

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