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Author Topic: Watch Love, Death & Robots: Volume 3 – Netflix Review And Mp4 Trailer Download  (Read 10902 times)

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LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS Volume 3 is finally on Netflix and you’ve got so many treats in store. I simply had to binge-watch it in one go. While I’ve always loved this genre anthology from David Fincher and Tim Miller, season 3 is immensely strong. Many episodes are closer to 20 minutes than the 5 to 10-minute runtime of season 1.

Then again, this third volume of animated short films is balanced out by having fewer episodes. This third season has 9 episodes whereas season 1 had a whopping 18. Season 2 (which was a much weaker season) had 8 episodes. Don’t get me wrong, volume 2 wasn’t bad… it just didn’t have as many hits as this one does.

ComSeason 3 episodes of Love, Death & Robots
Below, we’re doing a quick rundown of the nine episodes in Love, Death & Robots volume 3. This is focused on the filmmakers, cast (where relevant), and the animation style. You can read the plot for each episode directly on Netflix

Please note, that we’re also rating each individual episode below.

“3 Robots: Exit Strategies” is episode 1
A real blast from the past since the 3 robots were also featured in episode 2 of Love, Death & Robots volume 1. The primary genre is sci-fi and comedy. Well, and some horror in the sense that it is all about how we humans faced our own extinction. The three robots focus on all the things we did wrong and how easily we could’ve saved ourselves.

I love the social commentary delivered with perfect humor! Also, I adore the line “Who were you expecting? Elon Musk?!”

Style: Computer animation
Runtime: 10 minutes
Director: Patrick Osborne
Short story and script: John Scalzi (this is the fifth episode based on one of his short stories)
Our rating of episode 1: 5/5

“Bad Traveling” is episode 2
Look, there is really only one thing you need to know about this episode: It reunites Se7en filmmakers David Fincher and Andrew Kevin Walker as director and scriptwriter respectively. It’s a gorgeous episode with amazing visuals and a lot of blood and gore. Also, the main character of “Torrin” is voiced by the brilliant voice actor Troy Baker.

Do you really need to know more? Not really, right?!

Style: Computer animation with life-like visuals and motion capture
Runtime: 21 minutes
Director: David Fincher
Short story: Neal Asher
Script: Andrew Kevin Walker
Our rating of episode 1: 5/5

“The Very Pulse of the Machine” is episode 3
This episode is classic animation of the kind I grew up watching on weekend mornings. The story might seem a bit out there along the way, but it does all come together in the end. Also, the main character is voiced by Mackenzie Davis of Black Mirror and Station Eleven.

Style: Computer animation and hand-painted backgrounds
Runtime: 17 minutes
Director: Emily Dean
Short story: Michael Swanwick
Script: Philip Gelatt
Our rating of episode 1: 3/5

“Night of the Mini Dead” is episode 4
Yes, this episode is a zombie story and it is absolutely brilliant. We’re talking a full zombie movie in just around 5 minutes (the last two minutes of the runtime are credits). I loved this episode so much, that I would give it 6 out of 5 for its pure brilliance and humor.

It’s essentially a horror comedy due to the way it’s told. Also, it is so chockful of zombie pop-culture references, you can watch it several times and continue to catch something new. Strap in for a wild ride with this fourth episode of Love, Death & Robots volume 3.

Style: Real-life photography and CG animation
Runtime: 7 minutes
Directors: Robert Bisi and Andy Lyon
Short story: Jeff Fowler and Tim Miller
Script: Robert Bisi and Andy Lyon
Our rating of episode 1: 5/5

“Kill Team Kill” is episode 5
Yet another episode in the classic animation style of my childhood memories. This story, however, is not for kids. Or, maybe some kids, but not those prone to nightmares. It is a bloody and violent experience that also serves up a lot of humor to make it all come together.

Voice actors in this episode include Joel McHale, Seth Green, and Gabriel Luna.

Style: Computer animation
Runtime: 13 minutes
Director: Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Short story: Justin Coates
Script: Philip Gelatt
Our rating of episode 1: 4/5

“Swarm” is episode 6
This is the episode of the season directed by creator Tim Miller. There are two voice actors used and you’ll probably recognize their voices. Well, at least I always quickly pick up on Rosario Dawson, who is one of them, and usually also Jason Winston George who is the other one.

The episode takes place in outer space but we are mostly inside a hive full of intriguing creatures. It’s a real mindf*ck in many ways as it forces us to look at “human nature”. Well, most of the episodes force us to do this. Still, this one is very on the nose in a way that works for me.

In other words, there is no relation to the French Netflix movie The Swarm (2021).

Style: Motion capture and CG animation
Runtime: 17 minutes
Director: Tim Miller
Short story: Bruce Sterling
Script: Tim Miller and Philip Gelatt
Our rating of episode 1: 4/5

“Mason’s Rats” is episode 7
Oh, how I loved this episode. In fact, I knew I would from the second I saw just one second of it in the trailer for Love, Death & Robots volume 3. It just speaks to me in so many ways. Also, the two voice actors are Craig Ferguson (as Mason) and Dan Stevens as a quite sleazy pest control salesman.

We’re in the future and it would appear that all the stuff we put in the ground has affected the rats at Mason’s farm. The entire story is amazing (and heartbreaking) with a perfect ending!

Style: Computer animation
Runtime: 10 minutes
Director: Carlos Stevens
Short story: Neal Asher
Script: Joe Abercrombie
Our rating of episode 1: 5/5

“In Vaulted Halls Entombed” is episode 8
This is straight-up sci-fi horror of the very deadly kind. Complete with creatures (of both an organic and robotic nature, it would appear) that can devour a person in seconds. Yeah, it’s quite graphic and if you’re not a fan of spiders, this should make your skin crawl.

In this episode, it’s easy to see who the voice actors are, since they are simply animated (very life-like) versions of said actors. You’ll see (and hear) Joe Manganiello, Christian Serratos (The Walking Dead), Jai Courtney, and Noshir Dalal.

Also, before the episode is over, you’ll be seeing a Cthulhu (or perhaps even Kaiju) inspired creature.

Style: Motion capture and Unreal Engine (used for 3D video games)
Runtime: 15 minutes
Director: Jerome Chen
Short story: Alan Baxter
Script: Philip Gelatt
Our rating of episode 1: 4/5

“Jibaro” is episode 9
This episode has no real dialogue so voice actors aren’t involved here. Still, we’re working with human characters and very life-like animation. The plot is classic folklore that finally comes across as what it actually is: Glorified femicide. And here, revenge is part of the story.

The style of this episode is very symbolic and artistic in a way that makes it stand out. So much so that it doesn’t feel like it really belongs here. It’s not bad. It just doesn’t feel like it’s a natural part of the Love, Death & Robots anthology to me.

Style: 2D painting and 3D modeling
Runtime: 17 minutes
Director and writer: Alberto Mielgo
Our rating of episode 1: 3/5

Watch Love, Death & Robots volume 3 on Netflix now!
Tim Miller and David Fincher are, of course, the creators of this Netflix anthology series. After season 2, I was afraid a bit of the magic was gone. However, with this third volume, I was yet again blown away.

Also, I once again found that this anthology genre series is simply perfect for filling out the Black Mirror-shaped void that continues to exist in me. I love Black Mirror and the way it mixes genres (sci-fi and horror primarily), which is exactly what Love, Death & Robots excels at.

By using animation, this particular anthology series from David Fincher and Tim Miller is able to go even further than Black Mirror. Well, in some ways, anyway. Whenever animation is used, there are no real limits to what anyone can do. Both in terms of visual and “physical” accomplishments.

With this third installment, I couldn’t really ask for more. Well, except for a confirmation that Love, Death & Robots volume 4 is greenlit and in the making. Obviously!

Season 3 of Love, Death & Robots is out on Netflix worldwide from May 20, 2022.



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