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Author Topic: Super Story: Let’s Play Hard Full Episodes - By Miriam Edem  (Read 9461 times)

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Super Story: Let’s Play Hard Full Episodes 19 - By Miriam Edem
Reply #18 on: January 19, 2021, 12:33:41 AM

Episode 19
Story: Miriam Edem

It’s five days gone at the camp, Jennifer and Theodore became so close that the students began to wonder if they are couples already.
One afternoon they sat writing their report and Theodore remembered something,

“Jenny I want to ask a question and I hope you won’t feel bad, Theo said.
“OK what is it? Jenny asked.

“Why were you rusticated from your previous school? I mean whatever caused that must be a serious thing and I want to know, Theodore asked and Jenny mood changed.
‘Nothing happened, it just that I didn’t meet up in my department maybe so I had to leave, Jenny replied.

“We are know that lie didn’t go well and I think you don’t want me to know, Theo said.
“Can we not talk about this please? Jenny asked.

“No problem and sorry for asking, Theo said.
“Hey what’s up! Daniel shouted and fell on Theodore back.

“Watch it man before you break this, Theodore said and Jenny shifted the microscope away.
“Whatever, so are you done with your reports? You know we just have tomorrow here, Daniel said.

“Almost done, but we are not to submit it here right? Jenny asked.
“Yea but most of the work will be done here. You know we have to resume with other lectures when once we get back, Daniel replied.

“OK sir as you can see we are working on ours, now go do yours and leave someone else partner, Theo said.
“Sure I will, bye, Daniel said and ran off……………..

The students were already dressed up with their bags parked and prepared to leave, somehow everyone missed the fun and wished to come back someday.
The school buses arrived and everyone got in,

“I think we are going back to our truck, Jenny said.
“Nope the Hod already has someone there, Theodore replied and the Hod was seen coming.

“Are you guys done? The hod asked them.
“Yes sir, they replied.

“OK come in, you’ll be driving with me, The man said getting into his car while they happily dropped in their bags and hopped in…………….

“I heard the b***h love story has really blossomed, I can’t wait to welcome her back with open arms, Natasha said in school.
“They are on their way coming back by now, so what next? Lydia asked.

“Leave that to me, Natasha said giving a wicked smile……………….

Few hours later Theodore’s father came and welcomed them when they arrived,
“I’ve missed you guys so much, he said hugging both Theo and Daniel.
“Yea we relieved you of your headaches right? Theo asked.

“You can say that again. Jennifer how are you? Theo father asked.
“Very fine thank you sir, she replied.

“I’ll drop you off then you must be very tired, please hop in, Theo father said.
“See you tomorrow, Joy said hugging Jenny and shyly Waved at Daniel who threw a kiss for her on the air and the car took off.

They arrived at Jenny place and she came out thanking then, “see you tomorrow Jenny! Daniel shouted while she laughed waving at them and Treasure and Annabel screamed running out to meet her.

“Easy easy you’ll push me down! Jenny said scared with the speed they took.

“Oh my God I think that place wasn’t bad, you’re looking so good, Annabel said.
“Really? Thank you, Jenny said.

“Come in come in for I know you gat gist for us, they said dragging her in.

“So how did your troublesome partner treat you because I can see you with all smiles, Treasure said settled to hear it all while jenny was just laughing.
“Please I need to shower, Jenny said getting up.

“Hey hey you won’t go anywhere till we are done with you. Common talk to us nau we can’t wait to hear it all, Annabel said.
“OK OK, Theodore and I are friends now, no more fighting and quarreling is that okay? Jenny asked and they jumped up shouting .

“Are you kidding us? I thought you said you will never be friends with him, what happened? Treasure asked.
“Well I came to find out he’s a cool person and that’s it, Jenny replied.

“So that means you two are…… Treasure said winking at her which Jenny understood that.
“You must be joking, Jenny replied.

“Common spare us that, I can smell that already, Treasure said.
“Okay can I go shower now? Jenny asked.

“No no no not yet. You haven’t told us the fun and everything there, Annabel said.
“Of course I will, I have to shower okay, Jenny said.

“Okay 2 minutes! Treasure shouted.
“You must be joking, Jenny said.

“one more minute, Annabel added while Jenny laughed going inside…………..

“Uhmmmm I see you two are coping real good, Theo’s dad said when they arrived home.
“Dad you mean Jennifer right? You need to see them in the camp, oh my God they act like lovers, Daniel quickly replied.

“Daniel shut up! Theodore shouted and his father laughed.
“I knew they will, you know they both reminds me of Theodore’s mom when we were in campus. We were sworn enemies and how we became friends was what we couldn’t explain, Kennedy said.

“Now where is she? I’ll be in my room, Theo said angrily and went in while his father heaved.
“Will he ever forgive his mom? He doesn’t want to set his eyes on her which is not good at all, Daniel said.

“His anger won’t change what has already happened, go shower up okay, Kennedy said tapping him and Daniel left for his room…………….

“Lest I forget babe the school model contest is out and we are to register online, Annabel said.
“OK good for the contestants, Jenny replied not concerned.

“Okay good for you and you’ve been enrolled into it which you’ll be standing against Natasha! Treasure shouted and Jenny looked at them.
“I am not interested okay now cancel it, Jenny seriously said.

“Hell no and why? Natasha should drop already she has enjoyed the position enough, Annabel said.
“And I said I am not interested, you can contest for it okay, Jennifer replied.

“Sorry baby girl, the form has been submitted. But don’t worry just pray to be screened out before the finals since you’re not interested. What a waste of money to make you happy, Treasure said with a frown.

“Look its not what you think but you won’t understand. I don’t need that position okay and I don’t fit in there, Jenny calmly said.
“You don’t fit in there? You’re beautiful, you’re talented, you’re intelligent, you’re bold and the students are already liking you. What else do you need to fit in? All you need is just votes from the students and you’ll be the school model with your picture carrying the school upcoming magazine, that’s every dream girl and we did It for you, Annabel said holding Jenny but she only shook her head and left the room.

Jenny walked on the streets that evening pondering hard and got a horn, she stopped and saw Damian coming down.
“You’re back? Welcome Darling, he said hugging her.

“Yea thank you, what are you doing here or do you live around? Jenny asked.
“Nope I came lookin for you. I’ve missed you so much, and why are you walking all alone? Damian asked.

“Just taking a stroll by you shouldn’t have bothered to look for me. I’ll be in school tomorrow, Jenny said and he held her hand looking into her eyes.
“What if I couldn’t wait to behold this beautiful face of yours? please don’t blame me too much, I just needed to see you, He said and Jenny gently took her hand off and coughed.

“I…I…. I Really don’t understand where you are heading to but I appreciate… Yea I appreciate and thanks for looking for me, Jenny said and he smiled nodding his head.
“I hope Theodore didn’t give you trouble there right? He asked.

“Not at all, we are cool, she replied.
“Good to hear that, so can I drop you off? He asked.

“No please don’t bother, I am kind of enjoying it, she replied.
“Okay I guess I can’t join too right? He asked and she smiled.

“Alright see you tomorrow, he said giving her a peck and drove off and Jennifer heaved……………..

“You have quite few interested contestants for the contest, Lydia said.
“That’s not my worry, Natasha said and Lydia scoffed.

“Well it will interest you to know that Jennifer is also contesting, still not your worry right? Lydia asked and Natasha eyes bulged out.
“Gosh that girl is daring me! She shouted.

“Relax okay, she just didn’t learn from her past, good time isn’t it? Lydia said smiling at Natasha who suddenly calmed down…………………


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Super Story: Let’s Play Hard Full Episodes 20 - By Miriam Edem
Reply #19 on: January 19, 2021, 12:36:20 AM

Episode 20
Story: Miriam Edem

The next day Jennifer arrived school and saw Theodore coming out from his car, “hi good morning, Theo greeted.
“Good morning, finally we are back to school, Jenny replied.

“Yea sure, Theo said and Jenny looked around.
“Where is Daniel? Jenny asked.

“Oh him? I ran away and left him at home, He will find his way down here, Theo replied and they laughed together.
“You will get it hot from him when he gets here, you should know him, Jenny said as they strolled together.

“Sure and by then I’ll hide myself, the guy is just full of trouble, Theo replied and Natasha approached them.
“Awwwnn the school is now full and lively. Welcome back darling, Natasha said giving him a peck while Theodore stood like a stick.

“Ermmm we will see later, bye, Jenny said waving at him and left.
“So how was the trip? I tried calling your number but it wasn’t reachable why was that? Natasha asked.

“Can you drop this now? I have a class to attend, Theo replied.
“Common Theo you won’t even talk to me after one week of not seeing each other? Natasha asked.

“What difference will it make even if I stay the whole year without seeing you? Excuse me please, Theo said and wanted walking away but he saw Daniel running towards him.
“Sh*t! Theo shouted and ran away.

“Theodore get back here now! Gosh I will kill this guy today! Daniel shouted…………………

That afternoon the list of the contestants were out and Joy informed Jennifer her name was the second in the list next to Natasha.
“Is there anyway I can get my name off that list? Jenny asked.

“What! Why should you think of such a thing? Joy shouted.
“But I don’t want it, I didn’t register that stuff and its one big mistake! I have a lot to do and that will come in between that, Jenny said..

“Miss busy bee, there’s nothing that will come in between this okay. Theodore takes part in almost everything here in school yet he is still the top in the department, what are you telling me? Joy asked.
“I am not Theodore okay, Jenny said..

“Sure you are not. Now the contestants has a meeting today which you are and you must attend, Joy said.
“Sorry baby girl, I am not yet done with the report now f**k the contest! Jenny shouted, took her bag and left while Joy looked surprised.

Going out of the hall she met with Theodore who got surprised with her mood, “hey I think I just have to leave now before there will be a transfer of aggression, Theo said.
“If you wish, Jenny said going while he ran after her.

“Hey whats wrong? He asked.
“Its this model whatever stuff, I didn’t register for that, she replied.

“Is that why you’re worried? Are you thinking you won’t win or what? He asked.
‘You don’t just get it, I didn’t register for it meaning I am not interested, Jenny replied.

“Fine you are going to fail after all you’re ugly, now forget about it, Theo said with a smirk.
“Did you just call me ugly? Jenny asked.

“What did you want to hear? At least it lightened up your mood, Theo replied smiling and Jenny hit him which he laughed.
“You’re crazy, Jenny said with a frown.

“Now forget about it okay, I understand you’re just scared of loosing, Theo said.
“I am not, Jenny shouted.

“You are because its so obvious, Theo said and Jenny stopped and heaved.
“I know what you’re doing, and that Is to charge me to accept this contest but I am not interested okay now stop it, Jenny said.

“Good and fine, just pray you loose then after all what’s there? Common we have a lot to do with our report, Theo said………….

Unknown to them Lydia was just monitoring them both and reached out to Natasha immediately, ‘Mabel is right, the both are now in close and good terms, Lydia said.

“Whatever, Natasha said with a terrible tone.
“Hey can you just calm down, you are getting too serious, Lydia said.

“Is she dropping out from the contesting stuff? Natasha asked.
“She keeps saying she’s not interested and she didn’t enroll for it, Lydia replied.

“She must continue with it, I will talk to the director not to take off her name no matter what, Natasha said.
“Then she’ll be standing against you which I know she will, now what’s your plan? Lydia asked.

“My plans are getting more interesting now the idiots are almost in love with themselves, Natasha replied.
“Just be careful okay, no one must know you did this, Lydia said.

“Sure, I’ll blow them so hard they will ever imagine, Natasha said with a smirk………………

Jenny and Theodore went to the cafeteria when Jenny complained of being hungry, “so what can I get for you? Theo asked.
“Uhmmmm cookies, she replied..

“With? Theo asked.
“With water, that will do, she replied.

“You are not serious, Theo said getting up.
“I am else you’re gonna eat it, Jenny said but he smiled and left.

Damian got into the cafeteria and sighted Jennifer sitting alone, he slowly went behind her and blindfolded her, “Theo stop it, Jenny said and Damian couldn’t believe it.
“Theodore? He asked taking off his hand.

“Damian? I didn’t know it is you, Jenny said as he sat down opposite her.
“Is Theodore your boyfriend? He asked.

“Common why are you asking such a question? She asked quite surprised.
“I have to because he’s fond of taking everything I’ve ever desired as a play boy! Damian shouted.

“Look you are going too far okay, we are just friends, Jenny said.
“Friends you say huh? Look Jenny please don’t do this, he’s not good for you. I know the whole girls in school crushes on him and I thought you were different, its quite disappointing you’re going on the same path, Damian said holding Jennifer which she looked confused.

“You are getting everything wrong here okay, it’s not what you’re thinking, Jennifer said.
“Do I have a choice? Common Jenny I can smell it, am no fool, Damian said and Theodore who was on call which delayed him sighted them and dropped the call immediately.

He approached them, “what’s going on here? Theodore asked and Damian angrily looked at him..
“You bastard! Damian shouted and gave Theo a blow.

“Stop it! Jennifer said holding him.
“You want her huh? You’ve finally made her fall for your tricky ways as you’ve always do! Damian shouted while Jennifer held on Theodore stopping him from fighting back.

“Stop it! Nothing is going on between us! Jennifer screamed out.
“Good for you then, you’re just like the others! Damian shouted and left the Cafe.

“I’m sorry about that okay, Jenny said to Theodore as he was breathing hard already but he walked away from her saying nothing.
Jennifer sat down confused not knowing what to do as the students watched the play happily…………………

“Why must Jennifer be the only reason to bring embarrassment to me? Theo asked as he told Daniel everything.
“I can’t still believe that idiot did that. I knew it, I suspected he wanted Jennifer and I saw his moves. He’s just so pained seeing Jennifer with you together, Daniel replied.

“Do you think we look like couple? Theo asked.
“Soon to be couples, Daniel replied rolling his eyes and Theo shook his head.

“I don’t love Jennifer and I feel nothing for her okay, Theo said and Daniel shook.
“Hello! You just blew a fatal lie here now. Keep lying to yourself when its written all over you, gosh you’re so unbelievable! Daniel shouted.

“I see my kind gesture with her is giving people wrong meanings already, I just have to withdraw now before it gets too late, Theo said.
“You must be joking Theodore. so Damian can make you this stupid huh? Daniel asked.

“I won’t take this insult from you Daniel. If Damian wants her then I don’t care, he can have her okay! Theodore shouted and left the house while Daniel looked shocked……………….



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