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Author Topic: Super Story: JENA - By Blessedgist (Photos)  (Read 4065 times)

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Super Story: JENA - Episode 7
Reply #6 on: January 10, 2020, 01:40:56 AM
JENA - Episode 7

Few months later.

One faithful evening.

Alec got an emergency call from the hospital.

Alec _ am going to work

Lucia _ again?

Alec _ yes, a lady need my help .

Lucia _ see you later.

Jena _ papa.

Alec_ yes princess.

Jena _ i love you.

Alec _ i love you too.

Alec left after hugging jena and Lucia.

Jena _ i want daddy.

Lucia _ daddy will be right back.

Jena _ you promise?

Lucia _ of course princess.

Jena _ ok.

Lucia _ time for shower.

Jena _ no !

Lucia _ come on princess.

Jena _ ok .

Lucia _ good girl.

Lucia _ what do you want to eat?

Jena _ nothing .

Lucia _ no more toys then.

Jena _ more toys please.

Lucia _ you must eat before toys .

Jena _ i want fish .

Lucia _ fish it is.

Later that evening.

Alec is back from the hospital, they found a dead woman in his office.

The police are investigating her death and Alec is suspended from work.

He told his wife the news , Lucia started crying.
Lucia _ what is wrong with the police?

Alec _ it's ok baby, they'll find out the truth.

Lucia _ you are a good doctor, you'll never kill anyone.

Alec _ let's wait for their reply.

Lucia _ this is crazy!

Alec_ it is baby.

Lucia _ i think you should work in another place.

Alec _ i can't work, they took my license.

Lucia _ this is unbelievable!
Alec _ let's eat .

Lucia _ i don't want to!

Alec _ you want to starve yourself?

Lucia _ this is huge baby .

Alec _ i know but am not worried because i didn't rape or kill anyone.

Lucia _ i believe you.

Alec _ can we eat now?

Lucia _ yes .

Alec _ good.

They started eating and Lucia is worried.

A moment later.

3 officer's walk into the restaurant.

Officer_ you are under arrest for the murder of miss Kate.

Alec _ wtf are you saying?

Lucia _ what's going on ?

Officer_ follow me sir!

Lucia _ he's going nowhere!

Alec _ it's ok baby.

Lucia _ it's not ok!

Alec_ give me a moment officer.

Officer_ deal.

Lucia started crying and Alec is trying to cheer her up.
Lucia _ what's going on?

Alec _ baby.

Lucia _ yes?

Alec _ everything is going to be alright.

Lucia _ how ? When? Why's this happening to us?

Alec _ be strong baby , call our lawyer.
Lucia _ who's responsible for this?

Officer_ time is over .

Lucia _ don't touch him!

Alec _ it's ok baby.

Officer_ your husband is a killer!

Lucia _ that's not true !

Officer_ he killed her after molesting her !

Alec _ we'll find out the truth.

Officer_ whatever.

Lucia _ i don't know what to do now!

Alec _ call the lawyer, go home to our daughter.

Lucia _ i can't sleep without you.

Alec _ i will be back.

Lucia _ you promise?

Alec _ it's a promise.

Lucia _ i love you Alec.

Alec_ i love you too.

Alec is arrested for the crime he didn't commit.

Later that night.
Jena _ where's daddy?

Lucia _ daddy is not sleeping with us tonight.

Jena _ why?

Lucia _ he's busy princess.

Jena _ no , i want daddy .

Lucia _ let me call him then?

Jena _ yah!

Lucia _ i will do that later.

Jena _ ok .
Lucia is very angry, she's helpless.
Lucia _ my husband is not a killer, someone did this!

Who's responsible for this ? who's this devil?

Jena _ mama.

Lucia _ yes princess.

Jena _ are you ok?

Lucia _ of course princess.

Jena_ let's play ?

Lucia _ mummy must cook .

Jena _ am not hungry.

Lucia _ go and play in your room.

Jena _ ok.

Lucia is alone in the kitchen, she's crying.
Lucia _ what should i do now? My husband must be hungry now, he must be sad !

What am i going to tell Jena?

A moment later.

Lucia decided to contact the police.

Lucia _ where's my husband?

Officer_ calm down ma'am.

Lucia _ don't tell me to calm down!

Officer_ your husband is fine , we're still investigating.

Lucia _ my husband is innocent!

Officer_ we don't know that yet .

Lucia _ he's not a killer.

Officer_ are you done?

Lucia _ let him go!

Officer_ your lawyer is here with us madam.

Lucia _ my husband is innocent!

Officer_ take care.

Lucia _ hello! hello!! he hang up on me!

Lucia _ poor Alec, what's going on with him now?

I can't take this anymore!

Jena _ mama .

Lucia _ hey princess.

Jena _ let's play.

Lucia _ it's time for dinner.

Jena _ no , am not hungry.

Lucia _ please.

Jena _ no please!

Lucia _ ok , stop crying.

Jena _ ok .

Jena is playing, Lucia is watching her.
Jena _ call daddy.

Lucia _ daddy is busy .

Jena _ noooo!

Lucia _ please stop!

Jena _ mama is crying.

Lucia _ am not crying princess.

Jena _ i want daddy .

Lucia _ come here sweetheart.

Jena _ where's daddy?

Lucia _ daddy is going to buy some toys .

Jena _ when is he coming back?

Lucia _ maybe a few weeks.

Jena _ ok , bedtime story.

Lucia _ you must eat .

Jena _ later mama .

Lucia _ ok Princess.

Jena _ story time.

Jena fell asleep after listening to her mother's story .

Alec is in the police's custody.

A young lady is raped and killed, they found her in Alec's office .

Lora will do anything to separate Lucia and Alec, she has a plan for Lucia.

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Super Story: JENA - Episode 8
Reply #7 on: January 10, 2020, 02:32:21 AM
JENA - Episode 8

The next day.

Lora is speaking with the man who killed the innocent lady .

Unknown _ Lora.

Lora_ yes .

Unknown _ did you see the news?

Lora_ not yet.

Unknown _ am done with your job.

Lora_ that's great .

Unknown _ when am i coming for the balance?

Lora_ tomorrow.

Unknown _ ok.

Lora_ son of a bitch, come and collect bullet!

I must get rid of him , am doing this for my reputation, he might betray me .

Lora_ are you still fucking now Lucia? you messed up my love life , i lost Mark because of you.

am coming for you Lucia, i hate you with all my heart!

Your daughter will grow without you , she'll suffer for your sins.

The next day.

Lora get rid of the man who killed kate, she want to keep the secret to herself.

A week later.

Alec is still with the police, Lucia is crying.

Jena _ mama.

Lucia _ yes princess.

Jena_ where's daddy?

Lucia _ daddy is working.

Jena _ lies!

Lucia _ let's play princess.

Jena _ no ! i want my daddy!

Lucia _ daddy will see you soon.

Jena _ you promise?

Lucia _ it's a promise.

Jena _ ok .

Lucia _ let's play !

Jena _ yah!

Lucia _ you want more .

Jena _ yes mama!

Lucia started playing with her daughter.
The bond between mother and daughter. 💘
Lucia _ we're going to your aunt princess.

Jena _ is daddy coming with us?

Lucia _ no baby .

Jena _ why?

Lucia _ daddy is working.

Jena _ you always say that!

Lucia _ come on, let's get ready .

Jena _ noooooo.

Lucia _ please princess.

Jena _ i want daddy!

Lucia _ stop talking!

Jena _ i want my daddy!

Lucia _ i don't know what to tell her , am tired of giving her excuses!

What's going on with you now hubby , i don't know what to tell her !

Later that evening.

Lucia left the house , she decided to leave jena with her aunt.

She's going to the police station.

Few minutes later.

Lora arrive at their house , she want to kill Lucia.
Lora _ let me take a selfie before i kill Lucia, a day to remember.

Lucia, you should left the team when i asked you to leave.

You left after destroying my love life , Mark is gone , am still searching for the right man , Mark was good to me but you took him from me !😡😡😡

After taking a selfie, Lora started looking for Lucia.
The house is empty, Lora is angry.

Lora_ where the hell is that bitch? is she hidding from me?


Come out bitch ! let's end it today!

Lora didn't find her, she left .

Meanwhile, Lucia is with Alec's sister.
Lucia _ princess.

Jena _ yes mama.

Lucia _ you must stay with aunty rita for now.

Jena _ no , i want you .

Lucia _ am going to buy some toys.

Jena _ i don't want toys, i want you and daddy .

Lucia _ am going to bring daddy.
Jena started crying, Lucia is broken.

Rita is sad .

Rita_ go now.

Lucia _ she don't want me to go💔.

Rita_ come on jena.

Jena _ nooooooo!

Lucia _ am so broken right now! 💔

Rita_ i know how you feel Lucia.

Lucia _ please feed her again.

Rita_ i will do that.

Lucia _ am going to pee.

Jena _ ok .
Rita _ melody is upstairs, do you wonna play?

Jena _ i want mama and daddy .

Rita_ mama and daddy will be back soon.

Jena _ really?

Rita_ yes little one.

Jena _ ok .

Rita_ let me call melody?

Jena _ ok!

Rita_ good girl.

Lucia left after using the washroom , she's going to see her husband.

On her way to the police station , Lucia met some unknown men , she was abducted that same night.

Back to Rita.

Rita_ melody is coming.

Jena _ where's mama?

Rita_ she's going to buy some toys.

Jena _ i don't want toys!

Rita_ don't cry baby , mama will be back soon.

Jena _ i want my mama !

Rita_ come here baby girl.

Jena _ no !

Rita_ please.

Jena _ give me my mama .

Rita_ you want ice_cream?

Jena _ noooo!

Rita_ stop crying baby .

Melody _ hey Jena.

Jena _ where's mama?

Melody _ come with me .

Jena _ you have mama?

Melody _ i have something to show you .

Jena_ ok.

Few minutes later.
Melody _ are you ok?

Jena _ where's mama?

Melody _ mama is going to bring daddy.

Jena _ really?

Melody_ yes , mama loves you so much.

Jena _ i love mama and daddy.

Melody_ they love you too.

Rita_ is she ok?

Melody_ yes , go away.

Rita_ ok.
Melody _ you wonna sleep in my room tonight?

Jena _ i want to sleep with mama and daddy.

Melody_ mama might come back late .

Jena _ what about daddy ?

Melody _ daddy is working hard for you.

Jena_ why?

Melody _ because he loves you.

Jena _ thank you.
Melody _ you want to see my toys ?

Jena _ no .

Melody _ why?

Jena _ i want my mama and daddy.

Melody _ this is going to be hell.🤦‍♀️

Jena _ mama , where are you?

Rita_ it's time for dinner .

Jena _ noooooo!

Rita_ come on jena.

Jena _ i don't want to!

Melody _ let her be mother.

Rita_ her stomach is empty.

Melody _ i will feed her .

Jena _ yes, i want to eat with melody.

Melody _ i told you .🤷‍♀️

Rita_ ok fine .

Few hours later, Lucia is not back.

Rita decided to call her , her phone is not connecting.

Rita_ what's going on with Lucia, her phone is not connecting.
should i ask the police for information?

Rita decided to call the police.

Officer_ what's your emergency?

Rita_ am calling because of Lucia Alec.

Officer_ what happened to her?

Rita_ is she at the station?

Officer_ unfortunately no.

Rita_ she left home a few hours ago officer !

Officer_ we didn't see her .

Rita_ omg , i think she's missing!

Officer_ ma'am, we're coming to your house .

Rita _ ok , please don't tell my brother.

Officer_ why not?

Rita_ i don't want him to panic.

Officer_ she's his wife , he has the right to know.

Rita_ just listen to me!

Officer_ see you in a few minutes.

Alec found out about Lucia's disappearance, he's broken.

Few weeks later.

Alec left the police custody, he's innocent.

He started looking for his wife , Rita is taking care of little Jena.

Where's Lucia?

Is she dead?

What will happen next?


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Super Story: JENA - Episode 9
Reply #8 on: January 10, 2020, 06:11:21 PM
JENA - Episode 9

Few weeks later.

Lucia is nowhere to be found , Alec is still searching for her .

Meanwhile, Alec bought a new house , taking care of a toddler is not easy for Alec.

Alec _ where are you Lucia? i asked you to wait for me .
i can't do this without you Lucia, you promised to always be with me , what happened to you?

Lucia am not giving up on you , i know you are alive.

Come home to me Lucia, our daughter is sick, she wants you.

Jena _ papa.

Alec _ shit! she's awake .

Alec _ yes princess.

Jena _ i saw mama.

Alec _ where?

Jena _ here , where's she?

Alec _ mama is busy .

Jena _ lies .

Alec _ it's time for shower.

Jena _ no !

Alec _ please.

Jena _ i want my mama .

Alec _ i will bring mama.

Jena _ you promise?

Alec _ yes .

Jena _ ok.

Alec _ good girl.

Jena _ i want mama.

Alec _ poor child.

Jena _ when is mama coming back?

Alec _ very soon princess.

Jena _ ok.

Alec _ good girl, i will buy you more toys.

Jena _ i don't want toys.

Alec _ what do you want?

Jena _ mama.

Alec _ ok, let's feed you.

Jena _ am not hungry.

Alec _ you are princess.

Jena _ no papa!

Alec_ no more toys for you then.

Jena _ all i want is mama.

Alec _ just eat please.

Jena _ no ! i don't want to!

Alec _ come on princess , it's not easy for me .

Jena _ bring my mama.

Alec _ she's missing Jena! please stop talking! 😡

Jena _ nooooo 😭😭😭💔

Alec _ am sorry princess, i didn't mean to shout at you .😪💔

Jena _ i want mama.😥

Alec_ come here princess. 😪

Jena _ mama !

Alec_ let me read you a story book.

Jena _ no !

Alec_ please.

Jena _ mama left us.

Alec_ no princess, mama will never do that.

Jena _ then where's she?

Alec _ mama is gone for now .

Jena _ when is she coming back? i want to play with her.

Alec_ very soon baby.

Later in jena's room , Alec is telling her a story.

Alec_ what to do want to eat princess?

Jena _ nothing.

Alec_ you wonna sleep?

Jena _ yes .

Alec _ ok sleep.

Jena _ please bring mama.

Alec _ i will princess.

Jena _ ok.

Alec_ i love you princess.

Jena _ i love you too daddy.

Alec_ close your eyes.

Jena _ am trying.

Alec _ try harder princess.

Jena _ i wish mama is here .

Alec _ mama will come home soon.

Jena _ please pray for her.

Alec_ am praying for her .

Jena _ am still praying.

Alec_ that's good of you, now sleep.

Jena _ ok.

Alec_ sweetdreams little one , am not giving up on mama , we'll find her .

Your mother is the light of my life, am hurt but i must be strong for you .

A moment later.

Jena is finally asleep, alec walk out the room.

He started preparing dinner , he couldn't concentrate.

Alec cut his finger with the knife.

Alec_ my finger! dammit! i can't concentrate anymore!
i can't work because this shit! when is this going to end?

Where are you Lucia?

Alec_ this is hard for me and Jena, she's sick, all is want is her mother's touch and love .

Who's responsible for this? this is not ordinary, someone is responsible for this shit .

After preparing dinner, he started eating.

Alec is not working because he find it difficult to concentrate.

The next day.

Jena is crying, she's looking for her mother.

Jena _ where are you mama? i want you mama , please come back , don't leave us mama !

Jena _ hey teddy , did you see my mama? she's gone .

Say something please, where's mama? when is she coming back?

Jena _ i just want to be with my mama , the other kids has mama , what happened to mine ?

She don't love me anymore?

Jena _ say something please! you are no longer my friend , leave my room !

Jena _ i must find mama , i can't sleep without mama.

Jena _ why's daddy doing this? he don't want to bring my mama !

I don't love him anymore, mama is gone .

Am all alone , nobody loves me .

Jena decided to sleep after talking to herself.

She couldn't sleep, jena is thinking about Lucia.

The next day.

Alec brought a chicken for Jena.

Jena _ am not hungry.

Alec _ come and eat princess.

Jena _ i said no .

Alec _ please.

Jena _ i don't love you anymore.

Alec_ you have the right to be angry with me , i couldn't protect your mother.

Jena _ bring mama .

Alec_ i will bring her princess.

Jena _ lies !

Alec_ come back .

Jena _ go away .

Alec_ she's angry with me, what should i do now?

Jena _ just go please.

Alec_ grandma is coming over.

Jena _ i want mama not grandma.

Alec_ everything is going to be alright.

Jena _ mama is gone .

Alec _ mama is busy princess.

Jena _ busy with what? i don't believe you!

Alec_ mama loves you so much.

Jena _ you think so?

Alec _ it's the truth.

Jena _ mama come back please 😔☹ !

Alec_ 😭💔💔💔

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Super Story: JENA - Episode 10
Reply #9 on: January 10, 2020, 06:22:21 PM
JENA - Episode 10

Alec _ you are angry with me.

Jena _ yes .

Alec _ don't be angry princess, mama will be back soon.

Jena _ you sure?

Alec _ of course princess.

Jena _ i want a hug daddy.

Alec _ come here baby girl .

Jena _ i love you daddy .

Alec _ i love you too princess.

Jena _ i want to go in the pool .

Alec _ ok Princess.

Alec _ grandma is coming over.

Jena _ really?

Alec _ yes.

Jena _ good!

Alec_ everything is going to be alright ok?

Jena _ ok.

Alec place her in the pool after removing her normal outfit.
He started playing with his daughter.
Jena _ i want to sleep.

Alec _ ok Princess.

Jena _ i want mama.

Alec _ i know, sleep for now.

Jena _ ok.☹

Alec _ don't cry , mama will be back soon.

Jena _ you always say that daddy.

Alec _ mama want you to eat alot of food.

Jena _ really?

Alec _ yes princess.

Jena _ ok then.

Alec _ good girl, now let's go to bed.

Jena _ ok daddy!

Jena fell asleep after listening to her father's story.

Alec decided to take a quick nap .

Later that evening.

An unknown number is calling him.
Alec _ who's this?

Lora_ it's me Lora.

Alec _ how did you get my number?

Lora_ it doesn't matter, where's your wife?

Alec _ she's missing Lora, you are such a good friend.
Lora_ meaning?

Alec _ don't call this number again.

Lora_ calm down, how's Jena?

Alec _ mind your business.

Lora_ am sorry for stalking you alec don't hate me.

Alec_ i don't hate you.

Lora_ give me your house address.

Alec _ why?

Lora_ i want to help you alec.

Alec _ help me with what?

Lora_ let's take care of Jena together.

Alec _ am capable of taking care of my daughter.

Lora_ am just trying to help you.

Alec _ am done here Lora.

Lora_ your loss.

Alec_ bye.
Alec _ fucking weirdo, how did she get my number?
you better not be responsible for this Lora, you are a snake.
Alec _ my wife has no enemy, who did this to me?
What should i do now? i can't continue like this.

It's time to investigate Lora.

The next day.

Jena _ mama , why are you hiding from me?

Come out mama , don't hide , i want to play with you.

Jena _ mama? please come back, don't go away!

Mama am sorry for my behaviour, please come back , don't leave me.

Jena walk out of the room.

Alec _ hey princess.

Jena _ where's mama?

Alec _ let's change your diaper.

Jena _ mama was here .

Alec _ no princess.

Jena _ i saw her.

Alec _ you had a dream princess.

Jena _ no!
Alec _ it's time for dinner.

Jena _ i don't want to eat.

Alec _ mama want you to eat.

Jena _ noooo!

Alec_ please princess.

Jena _ take the food away.

Alec _ you are sick baby , eat something.

Jena _ no , i want mama.

Alec _ i think it's time to get you a Nanny, i can't do this anymore.
Little Jena is angry with her father.
She started shouting and crying.

Few minutes later.

Alec don't know what to do anymore, he's pissed.
Alec _ i must work , we need money for food and bills .

You need a nanny and i need to work on my health.
Alec _ play more .

Jena _ no daddy.

Alec _ do whatever you want.

Jena _ can i sleep here?

Alec_ of course princess.

Jena _ ok.
Alec _ i must find a licensed Nanny, i don't want to leave my child with a stranger.

Jena _ daddy .

Alec _ yes princess.

Jena _ carry me.

Alec _ ok baby.

Jena _ i want to play with melody.

Alec _ it's late princess, we can't go today.

Jena _ we go to melody tomorrow?

Alec _ yes baby .

Jena _ ok daddy .

Alec _ are you ready to eat?

Jena _ no !

Alec_ please eat something!

Jena _ i said noooo!

Alec_ what do you want ?

Jena _ mama .
Alec _ come here princess.

Jena _ go away please.

Alec _ please.

Jena _ ok 🙄

Alec _ give me a hug princess.

Jena _ here you go.

Alec _ i understand what you are going through, am sorry daughter.

Jena _ i still love you daddy .

Alec _ thank you baby.

Jena _ i want ice_cream.

Alec _ let's get you some .

Jena _ you are the best daddy ever!

Alec_ you are a blessing little one .

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Super Story: JENA - Episode 11
Reply #10 on: January 10, 2020, 06:32:25 PM
JENA - Episode 11

One day .

Alec is cooking and jena is playing.

Alec _ food is almost ready.

Jena _ am going to look for mama.

Alec _ come here princess.

Jena _ go away.

Few minutes later.

Jena walk out of the house, Alec don't know what's going on.

Jena decided to look for Lucia.
She wandering around the compound.

Jena _ am coming to get you mama , i miss you.

Don't go away, wait for me please .

Mama! Mama!!!

A moment later.

Alec walk into her room, he didn't find her .

He walk out of the house in a hurry , he found jena walking without clothes.

Alec _ how did you get out of the house?

Jena _ let's find mama.

Alec _ come here .

Jena _ no please.

Alec _ you are very stubborn Jena, come here right now!

Jena started crying.

Alec _ am sorry princess.

Jena _ where's mama?

Alec _ it's time for dinner.

Jena _ no !

Alec_ i don't have strength for many talks , please obey me !

Jena _ no , i want mama.

Alec _ mama is busy .

Jena _ i don't believe you.

Alec _ stop talking princess.

Jena _ mama don't love me anymore?

Alec_ you are the most precious treasure in our lives , mama and daddy loves you .

Jena _ ok .

Alec _ let's feed you princess.

Jena _ whatever.

Alec _ she's becoming rude because of her mother's disappearance.

Two days later.

Alec is on the phone with the police, jena walk out of the house.

She's talking to a stranger.
Stranger_ hey little one , where are your parent?

Jena _ daddy is busy .

Stranger_ and mama?

Jena _ she's gone , am looking for her .

Stranger_ omg💔💔💔

Jena _ did you see her?

Stranger_ no Angel. 💔

Jena _ please pray for her.
Stranger_ i will do that little one .

Jena _ ok .

Stranger_ what's your name?

Jena _ jena .

Stranger_ Jena, it's dangerous outside, go back to your daddy .

Jena _ i want mama .

Stranger_ i must call your father.

Jena _ no .

A moment later.

Alec _ can i help you?

Stranger_ your daughter is outside the house.

Alec _ not again.

Stranger_ she said she's looking for her mother.

Alec _ her mother is missing.

Stranger_ am sorry about that.

Alec_ thank you .

The woman left .

Alec _ princess.

Jena _ what?

Alec_ it's dangerous to go out alone.

Jena _ all i want is mama.

Alec _ it's time for shower.

Jena _ leave me alone.

Alec _ am sorry i can't.

Jena _ why?

Alec_ because you are my princess.
Jena started crying, she's angry with her father.

Jena _ put me down.

Alec _ no princess.

Jena _ i must look for mama.

Alec _ i will do that myself.

Jena _ mama is gone.

Alec _ she'll come back to us .

Jena _ lies !
Alec _ stop talking princess.

Jena _ you don't tell me what to do.

Alec _ what did you say?

Jena _ give me my mama .

Alec _ you are becoming rude princess, be like your mother.

Jena _ why can't i be with mama? why are you doing this daddy?

Alec _ am doing everything i can to bring her back.

Jena _ please pray for her.

Alec _ am praying.

Few weeks.

Alec brought Jena a nanny , he started working again.

Lucia is nowhere to be found and lora is playing innocent.

Five years later.

Jena is rude because of her mother's disappearance.

she's awake.

Jena is always angry.

Jena _ daddy !

Alec_ yes princess.

Jena _ come and repair the doll house.

Alec _ you destroy it again?

Jena _ i don't know.

Alec _ don't talk to your father like that.

Jena _ am sorry.

Alec _ am coming.

Jena _ i don't know what's going on with me .

Alec _ stop crying Jena.

Jena _ am sorry for my behaviour.

Alec _ it's ok , go and do your assignment.

Jena _ ok.

Alec started repairing the doll house.

Few minutes later.

Jena is doing her assignment.
Alec _ you are doing a great job.

Jena _ you think so?

Alec_ yes , your mother will be so proud of you.

Jena _ i still can't believe she's gone.

Alec _ me too princess, we'll find her .

Jena _ there must be an explanation father.

Alec_ yes princess, am still looking for her .
Jena _ i want to destroy things .

Alec _ don't do that princess.

Jena _ am angry!

Alec_ i know how you feel Jena.

Jena _ do you?

Alec _ yes , you are hurt.
Jena _ i want my mother , is that too much to ask for?

Alec_ no princess.

Jena _ then find her.

Alec _ am doing everything i can princess.

Jena _ try harder father.

Alec _ ok , focus on your work.

Jena _ go and look for my mother and stop bossing me around.

Alec_ you don't talk to me like that young lady!

Jena _ my mother is missing because of you.

Alec _ what?

Jena _ she left because of you !

Alec_ enough!

Jena _ enough for saying the truth?

Alec _ where are you going?

Jena _ i don't know father.

Alec _ jena!

Jena _ yes?

Alec_ am sorry for everything.

Jena _ you are?

Alec _ yes , i am .

Jena _ am sorry for shouting at you.

Alec _ it's ok Princess.

Jena _ can i get a hug?

Alec _ of course princess.

Jena _ thank you for everything father , you didn't give up on me.

Alec _ it's my duty to care for you .

Jena _ you are the best father in the world.

Alec _ thank you daughter.

Jena _ am hungry.

Alec _ let's eat some cake?

Jena _ deal.

Alec _ follow me.

Jena _ ok.

They walk out of the room.

Alec _ come and grab some .

Jena _ someone is knocking on the door.

Alec _ let me get it.

Jena _ no, i will do that.

Alec _ ok Princess.

Jena _ i will be right back.

Alec _ ok.

Jena left the kitchen, she didn't find anyone .
Alec _ who's that?

Jena _ nobody , it's confusing.

Alec _ nobody is there?

Jena _ yes father, it's weird.

Alec _ maybe it's the wind .

Jena _ maybe.

Alec _ come and eat .

Jena _ are you working tomorrow?

Alec_ yes, why did you ask?

Jena _ am going to melody tomorrow.

Alec _ no problem, i will drop you off.

Jena _ ok .

Few minutes later.

Alec is cleaning the kitchen and Jena is keeping the left over cake .

Alec _ that's my girl.

Jena _ father.

Alec _ yes princess.

Jena _ i don't want to go to school.

Alec _ why?

Jena _ the other students are mocking me .

Alec_ how? Why?

Jena _ because i don't have a mother.

Alec _ who told you that? you have a mother Jena.

Jena _ then where's she?

Alec_ don't listen to them princess, your mother is a good woman, she's my everything Jena.

Jena _ you still love her?

Alec_ yes and i will always love her .

Jena _ good.

Alec_ cheer up princess.

Jena _ ok .

Alec _ give me a hug princess.

Jena _ come here father.

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Super Story: JENA - Episode 12
Reply #11 on: January 11, 2020, 12:36:16 AM
JENA - Episode 12

16 years later.

Lucia is nowhere to be found , jena don't remember her mother's face .

One evening.

Jena went shopping, it's getting late.

Alec decided to call her.

Alec _ where are you jena?

Jena _ am at the shopping centre.

Alec _ come home this minute.

Jena _ later father.

Alec _ jena!

Jena _ yes ?

Alec _ am coming to get you .

Jena _ chill father, am with melody.

Alec _ give her the phone.

Jena _ she's in the washroom.

Alec _ you have 5 minutes to get your ass here young lady.

Jena _ ok 🙄🤦‍♀️

Alec _ good girl.

Jena _ see you father .

Alec _ am waiting for you.

Jena _ am on my way.

Alec _ better!

Jena _ my father is very annoying! i can't go out alone .
Am no longer a child for fuck sake!

Let me take a few pictures for Instagram.

Jena went home after taking a few pictures.

Back to Lora.

Lora is not married, she's busy with her career.

She's still looking for Mr RIGHT.

One faithful evening.

She went out for a drink.

Lora order some drinks , meanwhile someone is waiting for her to come out.

Few minutes later.

Lora walk out of the bar.

A strange man is patiently waiting for Lora.

Lora is walking towards him, he's calm and quite.

A moment later .

Lora is scared, she's looking at the man .

The man walk closer to Lora.

Lora_ who are you ? why can't i see your face?

He's definitely one of my fans.

Lora_ hey ! what are you wearing? i can't see your face.

Is this some kind of technology? Hey am talking to you.

The man didn't reply her, he started choking her .

Lora_ please stop !

Lora_ who are you?

Lora_ i can't brea****!

Lora fell on the ground , she's dead .

The man walk away from her corpse.

Few minutes later.

He's calling his contact.

Shadow _ she's deleted.

Billy _ i will tell my boss .

Shadow _ transfer the money tomorrow.

Billy _ calm down.

Shadow _ are you fucking with me?

Billy _ am joking.

Shadow _ fuck you Billy.

Billy _ you are very aggressive.

Shadow _ do i look like i give a fuck?

Billy _ where's her body?

Shadow _ you don't know how to track location?

Billy _ yes.

Shadow _ idiot .

Billy _ whatever.

Shadow _ fuck off .

The man left after killing Lora.

Hades left with lora's soul .

The police later found her body , they are investigating her death.

Shadow kills without a trace , the police later close her case .

They didn't find any evidence or suspect.

A Month later.

One evening .

Jena _ daddy! daddy!!

Alec_ what do you want?

Jena _ can i go out for some minutes?

Alec_ no princess.

Maria _ am going to cook.

Jena _ when is she leaving? am no longer a toddler.

Alec_ till furthernotice.

Maria _ you want to go?

Alec _ don't listen to her.

Jena _ she's not helping at all.

Alec _ because she's not obeying you?

Jena _ she's not supportive.

Maria _ am doing my best daddy's girl.

Jena _ enough!

Alec _ don't listen to her Maria, go and cook.

Maria _ ok .

Alec _ what was that about?

Jena _ it's time for her to leave.

Alec _ you hate her?

Jena _ you think i hate her?

Alec_ it's a question.

Jena _ i don't hate her, she's not supportive.

Alec _ because she didn't let you out of the house?

Jena _ not that.

Alec _ we're doing everything for you Jena.

Jena _ am going to my room 🙄🚶‍♀️

Alec _ am still talking Jena.

Jena _ am very tired , i need some sleep.

Alec _ she'll be the death of me .🤦‍♂️

The next day.

After school, jena is watering the crops .

She's singing and Maria is watching her quietly.

Jena _ stop looking at me like that please.

Maria _ am sad .

Jena _ i don't care Maria.

Maria _ you really don't care?

Jena _ what's the problem Maria?

Maria _ my salary is not enough.

Jena _ am i your boss?

Maria _ no , talk to your father.

Jena _ why should i help you?

Maria _ because you are my daughter.

Jena _ you are not my mother Maria.

Maria _i know but am old enough to be your mother.

Jena _ am not helping you , go and talk to him yourself.

Maria _ i don't know how to tell him.

Jena _ you don't want money then.

Maria _ few weeks ago, he said he's broke .

Jena _ why are you still living with us?

Maria _ because i love you.

Jena _ you love me?

Maria _ yes , you are like my real daughter.

Jena _ Maria.

Maria _ yes .

Jena _ thank you for taking care of me but am no longer a toddler.

Maria _ you really want me to leave?

Jena _ yes Maria.

Maria _ why?

Jena _ because you are controlling like my father!

Maria _ am only trying to protect you Jena.

Jena _ protecting me from my mother's kidnappers?

Maria _ don't start please.

Jena _ go away.

Maria _ calm down Jena.

Jena _ i want to be left alone.

Maria _ do whatever you want.

Jena _ that means am free to leave the house?

Maria _ don't even think about it.

Jena _ you are useless!

Maria _ language Jena.

Jena _ fuck language!

Maria _ you are so rude !

Jena _ i don't care Maria, just go.

Maria _ you are very different from your mother.

Jena _ yet , i don't remember her face.

Maria _ am sorry about your mother.

Jena _ am tired of sorry.

Maria _ i can't believe am doing this.

Jena _ what is that?

Maria _ am willing to let you out.

Jena _ really?

Maria _ yes but not today , it's already late .

Jena _ when?

Maria _ tomorrow ?

Jena _ thank you very much.

Maria _ please don't tell your father.

Jena _ am not stupid.

Maria _ promise me you will come back on time.

Jena _ i promise 🙄

Maria _ do you want to go out or not?

Jena _ of course i want to.

Maria _ then promise me .

Jena _ i promise to come back on time.

Maria _ good.

Jena _ yah 🙄🙄

Maria _ let's eat ?

Jena _ am not hungry .

Maria _ not again Jena.

Jena _ why are you so difficult to deal with? leave me alone please! 😡😡

Maria _ ok Jena. 😔🚶‍♀️

Jena _ annoying woman 😡🙄😏😒

Few minutes later.

Jena _ mother you left me when i was a toddler, i don't even remember your face , if you are still alive please come back to me. 😔😓

I only remember your voice, you always sing to me whenever am sad 😪 people are asking questions, they said i look like you ,they said you are me , i want to know what you look like, i want to see your face , please come home .

Father is thinking about you every day and night, he's still inlove with you .
We both miss you and we're waiting for your return 😔😔💔

We will wait a thousand years 😔💔💔

Is Lucia really alive ?

What happened to her?

Who's responsible for lora's death?

This is just the beginning.



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