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Author Topic: Super Story: JENA - By Blessedgist (Photos)  (Read 4064 times)

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Super Story: JENA - Episode 13
Reply #12 on: January 12, 2020, 12:22:09 AM
JENA - Episode 13

Maria left .

A moment later.

Jena's phone started ringing.

Jena _ hey .

Melody _ how are you?

Jena _ am fine and you ?

Melody _ am good , where are you?

Jena _ am home .

Melody _ meet me at the boutique?

Jena _ i can't melody.

Melody _ please.

Jena _ my father will be pissed if i leave without his permission.

Melody _ should i call him?

Jena _ i don't know melody.

Melody _ ok , i will get back to you.

Jena _ no problem.

Alec _ call who?

Jena _ i was talking to myself.

Alec _ really?

Jena _ yes , everything is perfect.

Alec _ you expect me to believe your lies?

Jena _ you worry too much father, i said everything is perfect.

Alec _ ok o.

Jena _ are you going to your room?

Alec_ Jena. 🤦‍♂️

Jena _ yes 🙄

Alec _don't even think about leaving this house, do you understand me?

Jena _ ok.

Alec _ where are you going?

Jena _ am going to my room, i need some sleep.

Alec _ you , sleep by this time?

Jena _ i feel different today.

Alec _ am watching you princess.

Jena _ ok.😏

Few hours later.

Alec fell asleep and jena left the house.

Few minutes later.

she arrive at the boutique.

she didn't find melody.

Jena _ where are you melody?

Melody _ am home .

Jena _ seriously?

Melody _ am Longer going to the boutique.

Jena _ goodnight melody.

Melody _ wait , what's wrong?

Jena _ never mind.

Melody _ ok goodnight.

Jena _ goodnight.

Jena decided to buy a backpack.

Jena _ hey .

Stranger_ hello , what do you want ?

Jena _ you look weird sir.

Stranger_ what?

Jena_ are you new or something?

Stranger_ am new .

Jena _ i want a backpack. 🙄

Stranger_ wait .

Few minutes later.

Jena _ am i staying here forever?

Stranger_ here it is .

Jena _ the fucking bag is heavy.

Stranger_ it's the material.

Jena _ i must open the bag .

Stranger_ of course.

Jena _ phew !

Stranger_ goodnight.

Jena _ goodnight weirdo.

Stranger_ see you soon.

Jena _ what ?

Stranger_ am not talking to you.

Jena _ fucking weirdo!

Jena left with the bag , something is inside.

Few minutes later.

Someone is following Jena .

Jena _ someone is following me , what should i do now?

I should run while i can.

Jena started running and thinking.

Few minutes later.

Jena _ the person is gone , omg!

What was that about? am not telling father.

Later that night.

Jena found a trillionaire file in the bag , the file has more secret codes.

Jena _ these are codes , what are they about?

I didn't find these files when i search this bag , what's going on?

I must do some research.
Jena started doing some research.

Few minutes later.

Jena _ hello.

Eric _ hey beautiful.

Jena _ i sent you a file please do some research.

Eric _ ok let me check.

Jena _ what is it?

Eric _ i don't know beautiful.

Jena _ concentrate Eric!

Eric _ they are codes .

Jena _ what are they about?

Eric _ i must do some research Jena.

Jena _ tonight?

Eric _ maybe tomorrow.

Jena _ ok Eric.

Eric _ have you eaten?

Jena _ yes Eric 🙄

Eric _ see you tomorrow.

Jena _ whatever goodnight.

Eric is jena's school mate , he's inlove with Jena.

Jena added him to the friendzone list 😭

Jena _ what's going on ? am i in danger?

Should i tell father? i can't sleep right now !

Someone is stalking me, is it because of the files?

Whatever, i will wait for Eric's relpy.

Jena fell asleep after thinking, she decided to keep the secret to herself.

Somewhere in Las Vegas.

That same night.

Jeffrey is walking towards a young man.
Jeffrey _ where's the bag?

David _ it's missing sir .

Jeffrey _ what did you say?

David _ someone stole it from my store sir .

Jeffrey _ are you tired of life?

David _ no sir .

Jeffrey _then look for the fucking bag !
David _ i don't know where to start from , i had the bag in my store .

Jeffrey _ you are very careless and useless.

David _ i need your help sir .

Jeffrey _ you couldn't deliver a tiny bag?

David _ please sir .

Jeffrey _ what the fuck is all this?

David _ i can bring you another bag.

Jeffrey _ this particular bag is different and special you idiot .
David _ what's inside?

Jeffrey _ that's not your business David, look for the bag.

David _ but how? Look i can get you another bag , same size , design and colour.

Jeffrey _ i was wrong about you David.

David _ can i go now?

Jeffrey _ don't fucking move !

David _ ok .🙄

A moment later.

Jeffrey is speaking to the boss .

Jeffrey _ the bag is missing.

Unknown _ what?

Jeffrey _ David is an idiot.

Unknown _ i want that bag Jeffrey!
Jeffrey _ calm down, we'll find it .

Unknown _ kill the idiot , am calling shadow.

Jeffrey _ kill him?

Unknown _ are you disobeying my orders?

Jeffrey _ i dare not !

Unknown _ kill the idiot, shadow will look for the bag.
Jeffrey _ ok boss.

Unknown _ do it fast and get back here .

Jeffrey _ am on it.

Unknown _ fucking idiots!

Jeffrey _ boss.

Unknown_ what?

Jeffrey _ everything is inside the bag .

Unknown _ what ?
Jeffrey _ i didn't seperate the goods.

Unknown _ am going to murder you Jeffrey!

Jeffrey _ ok boss.

Unknown _ you piss of shit !

Jeffrey _ am sorry boss.

Unknown _ fuck you Jeffrey!

Jeffrey _ can i hang up now?

Unknown _ fuck off !

Jeffrey _ David.

David _ yes , what's going on?

Jeffrey _ everything is under control.

David _ what's in the bag?

Jeffrey _ no need to worry, am taking the blame for you.

David _ i will look for the bag .

Jeffrey _ start running.

David _ why ?

Jeffrey _ just obey me.

David _ you are acting strange.

Jeffrey _ am only helping you David.

David _ what are you doing?

Jeffrey _ keep running, don't look back .

David _ this is strange.

Jeffrey _ sleep tight idiot .

Jeffrey started shooting David, he get rid of his body .

David was to deliver the bag to Jeffrey that same night.

The man at the boutique stole the bag from David , he gave it to Jena.

His plan was to beat or kill Jena after collecting the bag from her, unfortunately his plan didn't work that night.

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Super Story: JENA - Episode 14
Reply #13 on: January 12, 2020, 12:37:29 AM
JENA - Episode 14

The next morning.

Meet one of the baddest team in Las Vegas.

Their mistress is sitting and they are waiting for orders.

There are two female killer robots.

Jeffrey _ mistress.

Lucia _ shut up!

Kelly _ mistress.

Lucia _ take care of the warehouse.

Kelly _ ok ma'am.

Mila _ mistress.

Lucia _ y'all stop talking!

Mila _ done .

Lucia _ Jeffrey.

Jeffrey _ yes ma'am.

Lucia _ i want you to kill lora's manager.

Jeffrey _ am on it ma'am.

Mila _ what about me?

Lucia _ i want Jeffrey to take care of him.

Alita _ mistress.

Lucia _ follow me.

Alita _ ok ma'am.

Alita _ the c.e.o is dead .

Lucia _ good job alita.

Alita _ any new mission?

Lucia _ the wolves are gathering this evening, i want you to set the company on fire .

Alita _ ok ma'am.

Lucia _ take Mila with you .

Alita _ done .

Kelly _ mistress.

Lucia _ keep it for later Kelly.

Kelly _ but .

Alita _ fuck off!

Kelly _ i wasn't talking to you.

Mila _ should i kill him?

Lucia _ 🤦‍♀️ don't kill your team member mila.

Mila _ why not ?

Lucia _ we're family.

Mila _ my duty is to protect you , you are the only family i know.

Alita _ me too.

Lucia _ i want to be alone.

Alita _ done .

They walk away from her , Lucia is thinking.
A moment later.

Lucia _ hey.

Shadow _ Lucia .

Lucia _ i have a job for you.

Shadow _ what is it?

Lucia _ i want to to find something for me .

Shadow _ send me the information.

Lucia _ i will do that now.

Shadow _ Lucia.

Lucia _ what?

Shadow _ warn Billy.

Lucia _ what did he do this time ?

Shadow _ he's toying with me.

Lucia _ i will talk to him.

Shadow _ good .

Lucia _ are you done?

Shadow _ am done .

Lucia _ bring me the bag .

Shadow _ am on it.

Lucia _ good.

Hey guys .

Am alive, you wonna know what happened to me? 💔😔

A singer is now a deadly mistress? Here's my story. 🤦‍♀️

That night after speaking with Rita, Alec's sister.

I walk out of her house , i was going to see Alec at the police station. 🤧😩

I met some unknown men on my way , i was abducted and taken to a far away bush. 🤧

Lucia _ who are you people?

Unknown1 _ shut up!

Lucia _ please don't kill me.

Unknown 2_ sorry we can't spare you .

Lucia _ please i have a toddler at home .

Unknown1 _ get rid of her clothes.

Lucia _ no please .

Unknown _ you are so beautiful.

Lucia _ don't touch me!

Unknown 2_ shoot her already.

Lucia _ please don't touch me.

Unknown 2_ you don't tell us what to do .

Lucia _ who paid you , who are you working for?

Unknown _ it's Lora.

Unknown 1_ you idiot , why did you tell her?

Unknown 2_ you are useless.

Unknown 1_ this is not your first time Lucia, let's have fun baby .

Lucia _am a married woman, please don't touch me.

The men didn't listen to Lucia , they started playing with her .

Lucia was molested that night .

Unknown1 _ wow!

Lucia _ leave me alone please.

Unknown 2_ it's your turn.

Unknown 1_ this is amazing !

They are busy banging Lucia , an old man heard a woman's voice.

He walk into the Bush.

Neo _ really?

Unknown 1_ wtf?

Neo _ stay away from her .

Unknown 2_ you better walk away.

Neo_ why should i do that?

Unknown_ because you are old?

Unknown 1_ you want to die ?

Unknown _ you should be playing with your grandchildren.

Neo _ let's do it the hard way then?

Neo is not just an old man but a Vegas Mafia.

He started fighting the men , one of the men managed to shoot Lucia.

After the fight , neo took Lucia to Vegas that same night.

Neo has many killer robots and men .

Neo adopted Lucia as if she was a child, Lucia was fighting for her life.

6 months later.

Neo _ she's still sleeping.

Alita _ you are sad .

Neo _ of course am sad .

Mila _ it's been 6 months.

Doc _ i think it's time to remove the life support.

Neo _ don't even think about it.

Doc _ it's been 6 months and you don't even know her .

Neo _ she remind me of my late daughter.

Doc _ hmmm.

Neo _ let her be doctor.

Doc _ your wish is my command boss .

A week later.

Lucia is finally awake but she lost her memory. ( amnesia)

8 years later.

Lucia finally remember her name and her family.

Living without Alec and baby Jena was very tough for Lucia.

Neo started looking for a way to terminate Lora after hearing Lucia's story.

Neo died a year later , he left everything for Lucia.

Neo chose Lucia as his heir.

Lucia later assassinate lora with the help of shadow .

Shadow is neo's contact .

Lucia visit Alec's house twice , she left after knocking on the door.

She didn't know how to face Alec .

Lucia started a new life with neo's wealth, she's rich, powerful and cruel.

She still don't know how to face Alec, she don't know what her daughter looks like .

The next day.

Lucia is feeling strange, her heart hurts alot .

Lucia _ i still don't know how to face Alec, i broke his heart.

Should i show myself to him ? what if he's married?

He'll never accept the new me , am a killer .

Lucia _ Lora why did you destroy my life? i was happy with my husband and daughter.

I can't even face him , my poor child grew up without me , you were never my friend , what did i do to you ?

Lucia _ what should i do now? should i contact Alec?

They think am dead , i better stay away from them.

I don't want to put them in trouble.

Lucia _ what am i saying? should i visit my mother?

am dead to her and the rest of my family, my poor mother.

Lucia _ am sorry for leaving you Alec, am sorry daughter.

I didn't mean to , am now a different person, am a terrible mother !

I can't go back , they don't want to see me .
Lucia _ thank you for taking care of our daughter Alec, thank you for everything, i want you to be happy, i love you princess please be strong, forget about me .

A moment later.

Her phone started ringing.

Lucia _ shadow.

Shadow _ your file is in New York Lucia.

Lucia _ who has it?

Shadow _ a young lady Lucia, am visiting her tonight.

Lucia _ did she see the codes?

Shadow _ maybe?

Lucia _ get rid of her.

Shadow _ deal .

Lucia _ i want to see the bag tomorrow.

Shadow _ am working on it .

Lucia _ thank you.

Shadow _ are you ok?

Lucia _ am fine .

Shadow _ i would like to take you out Lucia.

Lucia _ am not interested.

Shadow_ you are still thinking about your ex husband?

Lucia _ not now please.

Shadow_ you don't want to look for him , stop hurting yourself Lucia.

Lucia _ mind your business please.

Shadow _ no problem.

Lucia _ see you soon.

Shadow _ take care Lucia.

Lucia _ yah .😔

Lucia _ this idiot don't understand the meaning of friendzone?

I can't date or marry anyone because i didn't divorce my husband before my disappearance.

My heart belong to Alec, i still love him but we can't be together.

Lucia _ i must stay away from them , i will learn to move on .

I have alot of enemies, i don't want anything to happen to my Jena and Alec.

Nobody knows about them except me and neo.

Back in New York.

Later that night.
Alec is already sleeping, jena is eating.

She's a bad ass foodie. 🤣🤣
After eating, she started washing the plates.

Meanwhile, shadow is in her room .

Shadow_ i must ask her some questions before i kill her .

She saw the codes , did she read them ? this is going to be interesting 🤦‍♂️ let me sit and wait for her.

What a crazy room, come to daddy 🤗🤗

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Super Story: JENA - Episode 15
Reply #14 on: January 12, 2020, 08:51:09 AM
JENA - Episode 15

Jena walk into her room, she couldn't believe her eyes.

Jena _ omg !

Shadow _ wtf? 😱

Jena _ who are you ? how did you get in here?

Shadow _ are you a robot or something?

Jena _ am a person you ghost!

Shadow _ let's find out the truth.

Jena _ what are you doing to me?

Shadow _ she's a human.

Jena _ am a human you idiot!

Shadow _ and she's insulting me ?🤦‍♂️

Jena _ what do you want?

Shadow _ who are your parents?

Jena _ father!!!!!!

Shadow _ he can't hear you miss .

Jena _ what did you do to him ?

Shadow _ answer my question.

Jena _ please don't hurt me.

Shadow _ am here to kill you .

Jena _ why?

Shadow _ you know too much.

Jena _ are you here because of the files? You can have them.

Shadow _ did you show it to someone else?

Jena _ no .

Shadow _ you didn't show it to your boyfriend?

Jena _ i don't know what you are talking about.

Shadow _ an going to kill Eric then.

Jena _ how did you know about him?

Shadow _ i went through your chats miss.

Jena _ i told him about the files.

Shadow _ you two are in a very big mess but i can't carry out my mission tonight.

Jena _ what are you wearing?

Shadow _ mind your business miss.

Jena _ sorry.

Shadow _ who's your mother?

Jena _ her name is Lucia.

Shadow _ fuck me 🤦‍♂️

Jena _ what?

Shadow _ where's she now?

Jena _ she left when i was a toddler.

Shadow _ she left ?

Jena _ we don't know what happened to her.

Shadow _ interesting.

Jena _ who are you?

Shadow _ am a nobody.

Jena _ what did you do to my father.

Shadow _ your father is fine .

Jena _ are you still going to kill me?

Shadow _ maybe.

Jena _ please don't kill me.

Shadow _ give me the files.

Jena _ they are in the bag.

Shadow _ am visiting your friend.

Jena _ please don't hurt him , he's innocent.

Shadow _ i don't care miss .

Jena _ you are heartless.

Shadow _ whatever .

Jena _ don't come back to this house.

Shadow _ keep this to yourself.

Jena _ what?

Shadow _ don't say a word to your father or i will kill him.

Jena _ my mouth is sealed.

Shadow _ good girl.

Jena _ please go.

Shadow _ i leave whenever i want .

Jena _ sorry .

Shadow _ wonder shall never end.

Jena _ have we meet before?

Shadow _ bye for now.

Jena _ what a mysterious man.

Shadow _ shut up.

Jena _ sorry. 😑

Shadow walk out of the room.

Shadow didn't kill Jena, he want to investigate Lucia.

Jena walk into her father's room.

Alec is in a deep sleep , Jena is looking at him.

Shadow drug Alec in his sleep.

Jena _ what just happened? am i dreaming?

Where did he go ? how did he enter my room ? what a mysterious man !

Should i tell father? no way ! i don't want anything to happen to him.

Shadow _ what the fuck was that? another Lucia?

A young version of Lucia? Did she had a baby before her disappearance? was she married?

Let's find out the truth!

Shadow started calling Lucia.

Alita _ alita speaking.

Shadow _ give the phone to your mistress.

Alita _ mistress is tired .

Shadow _ damm robot !

Alita _ call tomorrow.

Shadow _ it's important alita.

Alita _ sorry, mistress is tired .

Shadow _ did she hang up on me? a fucking robot hang up on my ass?

No problem.

A moment later.

Kelly _ hey.

Shadow _ give the phone to your mistress.

Kelly_ she's sleeping.

Shadow _ it's important.

Kelly _ call again later.

Shadow _ just fuck off.

Kelly _ ok.

Shadow _ another idiot .

Shadow _ i better wait till tomorrow, fucking robots are ruining my mission, Lucia will be pissed.

I need to get laid 🤦‍♂️🚶‍♂️

That same night.

Eric visit Jena, he's starring at Jena.

Eric _ what a beautiful creature.

Jena _ Eric!!!!!!!

Eric _ i didn't mean to scare you .

Jena _ really?

Jena _ give me my keys.

Eric _ chill.

Jena _ what are you doing with a gun?

Eric _ we need to talk baby.

Jena _ am not your baby!

Eric _ sorry.

Jena _ what is it?

Eric _ em , em***

Jena _ eric!

Eric _ yes?

Jena _ look at my boobs again and i will remove your eyes .

Eric _ who told you am looking at them?

Jena _ why are you here?

Eric_ am here because of the codes , it's a trillionaire documents.

Jena _ we can't use or do any more research.

Eric _ are you crazy?

Jena _ am serious.

Eric _ is it because of that crazy dude?

Jena _ who are you talking about?

Eric _ someone broke into my house yesterday that's why i bought a gun.

Jena _ really?

Eric _ yes Jena, am taking all the money, come with me beautiful.

Jena _ am going nowhere Eric.

Eric _ aren't tired of living in this house?

Jena _ this is my father's house.

Eric _ we can buy a big house and start a new life.

Jena _ enough!

Eric_ don't tell me what to do.

Jena _ you can't use the money.

Eric _ why?

Jena _ am not the owner of the money.

Eric _ i don't care Jena.

Jena _ you are playing with your life Eric.

Eric _ it's my life Jena.

Jena _ delete the documents from your computer.

Eric_ no .

Jena _ you want to live right?

Eric _ of course .

Jena _ then listen to me.

Eric _ we can get a bodyguard with the money.

Jena _ am not interested.

Eric _ why are you like this?

Jena _ because i value my life?

Eric_ you are boring.

Jena _ what ?

Eric_ we're no longer friends.

Jena _ why are you so greedy?

Eric_ am not greedy.

Jena _ you are eric.

Eric_ this is a lifetime opportunity .

Jena _ i feel pity for you.

Eric _ you know i love you.

Jena _ story.

Eric _ am willing to steal this money for our future.

Jena _ say something else please.

Eric _ am not good enough for you?

Jena _ are you done?

Eric_ i know you love me too.

Jena _ are you done?

Eric _ no .

Jena _ am done , get lost .

Eric _ calm down.

Jena _ are you deft?

Eric _ no.

Jena _ leave my room.

Eric_ you want me to leave your life as well?

Jena _ do whatever you want.

Eric _ i can't believe i fell inlove with you .

Jena _ go away please.

Eric _ you are not that beautiful.

Jena _ ok.

Eric _ ok?

Jena_ please go.

Eric_ am not giving up on you .

Jena _ idiot.

Eric_ i will always think about you.

Jena _ he's still standing here .

Eric_ listen to me please.

Jena _ are you going or not?

Eric_ jezz, am going.

Jena _ don't come to my house again.

Eric_ whatever Jena.

Eric is disappointed, he left .

Jena _ that greedy man , he don't know what's waiting for him.

He better delete the files, am not ready to die .

Love kill you there , am too young for love and i will never date a greedy man.

you are already friendzone by me , nothing can change that.

Jena went to bed after fighting with eric.

Eric want to withdraw the money, he want to run away with the money.

Alec don't know what's going on with his daughter , jena didn't tell him about shadow and the files.

Shadow want to investigate Lucia before killing Jena and eric.

What will happen next?


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Super Story: JENA - Episode 16
Reply #15 on: January 17, 2020, 12:55:57 AM

**** previously on Jena ***

Shadow decided to investigate Lucia before killing Jena.

Lucia _ why am i here?

Shadow _ i want to ask you a simple question.

Lucia _ what is it?

Shadow_ you had a daughter before your disappearance?

Lucia _ yes!

Shadow _ her name is Jena?

Lucia _ omg !

Shadow _ she's the lady you asked me to kill.

Lucia_ what? did you hurt her?

Shadow _ no , she's such a little sweet thing.

Lucia _ shadow

Shadow _ what?

Lucia _ she's my daughter

Shadow _ i know , is there a problem?

Lucia _ don't stalk her.

Shadow _ who told you am stalking her?

Lucia _ stay away from her or else.

Shadow _ is she threatening me now?

Lucia _ am serious shadow.

Notice! Notice!! Notice!!!

We wont be able to continued this story titled "JENA" By Blessedgist Anymore! We urge, You should kindly visit blessedgist page for the rest of the Episodes. Thanks!!

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Re: Super Story: JENA - By Blessedgist (Photos)
Reply #16 on: October 26, 2020, 07:57:25 PM
Great to have you back Bogart Im ready whenever you are

BTW...sorry bout the puter problems...but alls well that...well...well see how it ends...

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