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Author Topic: Super Story: Bloody Mary - Full Episodes (Photos)  (Read 4748 times)

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Super Story: Bloody Mary - Episode 7 (Photos)
Reply #6 on: November 03, 2019, 04:07:04 PM
Bloody Mary - Episode 7

Few days later.

Mary's family are mourning her , they're broken.
Leo heard about Mary's death, he's sad .
They cry every day and night.
They just want their daughter back but it's impossible.

One evening.
After crying, her little sister started praying and talking to her .

Few minutes later .

They left Mary's grave after crying.

Somewhere in the realm of the dead.

Mary is awake , she must fight back.
Mary left the realm of the dead.

She visit her logging place and started investigating the well.

After investigating, she left .

The next evening.
Mary is crying, she can't believe she's dead .

Another ghost appeared.

Ghost _ stop crying Mary.

Mary _ what are you doing here?

ghost _ don't hate me for not helping you Mary.

Mary_ whatever, go away.
The ghost started speaking with her.
Mary later forgive her and she left .

Mary _ i can't believe am dead, I must take revenge!
My parents are broken and devastated, they'll pay!
After talking to herself she walk into the house.

Her father is in the kitchen .
He didn't see her because she's dead.
Mary explore the house, she's not happy.

She disappear after watching her parents.

Mary went to the ritualist's secret house .

She started possessing everything including the fridge.

One of the men is freaking out, the electric cooker is moving.
The men has big houses in the city , they bought this small for relaxing.

They don't want the police to suspect them.

One of the women is watching a tv, suddenly, the tv started moving and she's scared.

The fridge is moving , some of the men are busy cooking and eating.

They don't know what's waiting for them, Mary is around, she's sad and angry.

Mary want them to suffer before she decided what to do with them.

To be continued..

Story by Blessedgist

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Super Story: Bloody Mary - Episode 8 (Photos)
Reply #7 on: November 03, 2019, 04:26:36 PM
Bloody Mary - Episode 8

The men saw the moving fridge, they're scared.
The house is hunted by Mary, they started running away.

They're freaking out.

They walk outside the house and started calling their leader.
He told them not to worry that he's coming over.
They're holding their chests.
Few minutes later.

Some of them walk into the house.
They don't know what's hunting them , they're seeing this for the very first time.

Few minutes later.

Their leader arrive, he started casting a protection spell.

He's slapping one of the men who mock his powers.

After casting a protection spell, he started leaving the house.

Mary appeared, she is warning him.
He's trying to trap Mary's soul and Mary is watching him.

His spell didn't work on Mary, she beat the hell of him.
Robert _ what are you? this is impossible.

Mary _ everything is possible.

Robert _ how did you get here? go back to your grave.

Mary _ you can't command me .

He's trying to scare Mary and she's laughing at him.
Mary disappeared after warning him, she's not killing him yet .
The man started casting another spell, he's trying to lock Mary in a bottle.


The man started casting another spell, he's trying to lock Mary in a bottle.

Later in the midnight.
One of the the women is on fire .

They didn't sleep in the house that night , they hear voices and Mary's dog is barking in the house.

The next day.
They're calling their master, Mary is freaking them out .

Robert told them that he's looking for a new solution, they must lock Mary's soul.

The men are inpatient, they can't eat or drink.

They started shouting at Robert.

Robert is angry because Mary is spoiling his plans , he must cage her .

Robert started casting another spell.
He's summoning Mary's soul, Mary didn't answer him.

Robert don't know what to do anymore, Mary's soul is strong and dangerous.

Robert _ this is happening for the very first time, who's she? why can't I stop her from disturbing my people? They are mocking my powers, I will prove them wrong !

To be continued..

Story By Blessedgist

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Super Story: Bloody Mary - Episode 9 (Photos)
Reply #8 on: November 03, 2019, 04:40:33 PM
Bloody Mary - Episode 9

The men flee from the house , they bought another secret house .

One evening.
Mary appeare to one of them, he's scared.
Mary is laughing at him .

He started crying and begging Mary for forgiveness.
Mary didn't listen to him, she told him that they're dying sooner or later.

Mary cast a spell on him.

She freeze him and started started walking away.
Mary is not killing him yet .

The next morning.

Mary visit her logging place, she started destroying all the properties.

Few days later.
Robert's wife speaking with Robert.
She told him that she's leaving him , Mary destroy his family and company.

Robert has nothing left, he started crying.
Robert _ why's she doing this to me? why can't she rest in hell? My company is gone, my wife left me .
Why did I kill her? what should I do now?
A moment later.
Robert started hearing voices , he's scared.
Everyone he killed started hunting him.
Robert is sad about his company and wife , he must stop Mary.
Am not giving up he said to himself and started walking away.

Few days later.

Mary is in the house , she has blood all over her face and eyes.
The women are cooking and Mary is watching them.

They didn't see her, she left after checking the house.

Few minutes later.

Robert arrive at the house, he's eating with this gang members.
The men aren't happy with him because he's not protecting them.
One of the women is mocking his powers .
Everyone is blaming him , he's trying to calm the woman down.

She told him they don't sleep at night that he should do something about it .

Robert promise to learn more spell in other to defeat Mary.
Later that evening.

Mary is here for the second time, the men and Robert are inside the house.

Mary started lighting the properties and they're freaking out.

Robert is useless, he couldn't stop Mary.

Mary lock the house doors and started tormenting them.

The men are shouting at Robert, they hate him for not protecting them.

To be continued...

Story By Blessedgist

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Super Story: Bloody Mary - Episode 1 (Photos)
Reply #9 on: November 03, 2019, 04:59:18 PM
Bloody Mary - Episode 10

Laughing is laughing loud and they're trying to stop the fire .

They're trap inside the house, the doors won't open and Robert couldn't help , he's hopeless.
They are running in one particular area.

Few minutes later.

Robert started casting his helpless spell , he couldn't open the doors .

A moment later.
The fire is getting bigger and hotter.

They don't know what to do anymore.
They started regretting, they are in pain.

The house is on fire and they're trap inside.

A moment later, Robert died .

The men are regretting.

They're one after the other , Mary is watching them.

Few minutes later.

Death arrive, it's waiting for their souls.
They're crying and begging Mary for forgiveness.

Mary didn't listen to them, she must get rid of them.
Few minutes later.
They're almost gone .

What did we gain ? why did we kill people? we're dying and leaving the wealth behind, we should have quit this dirty work .

We don't have the right to take people's lives, please accept our souls my creator.
After crying and begging their innocent victims, they died.

Mary is looking at their bodies.

She's sad, she left the house.

Death started taking their souls.
A moment later, he's disappearing.

The greedy men are dead, the house has underground.

They're hiding two pregnant women.
Death disappear after taking their souls and bodies.

They're going to another lake of fire .

Two days later.

A man wanted to rent the house for vacation, he couldn't believe what he saw .

The man call the police department.

He left after calling the police, he didn't rent the house because most of the properties are gone, the house is very messy and it look creepy.

The men didn't take any of their properties or wealth with them, they murdered innocent people for nothing.

To Be Continued...

Story By Blessedgist

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Super Story: Bloody Mary - Episode 11 (Photos)
Reply #10 on: November 03, 2019, 05:10:45 PM
Bloody Mary - Episode 11

Later that night.

Their family members started crying after the disappearance of the men.

Mary found the innocent pregnant women.
She disappear after rescuing the women.
A moment later.

Some detectives started working and speaking with the women.
They are due and one of them is in pain.
They started calling the ambulance.

Few minutes later, the police found some items and evidence in the house.

They left after investigating.

The next day.

Mary visit her parents for the last time, she's sad.

She left forever after spending some time with them.

She didn't hurt leo , sonia later dump Leo after stealing his money.

Few months later.
Jona find out she's pregnant.

She's telling her husband the news .
They are having another child .
Smith is talking about Mary, his wife is cheering him up.

Jona is hugging her daughter after telling her the news.
Jona is talking about her studies.
Few minutes later.

Smith left for work, he's very happy about the pregnancy.

Few months later.
Jona delivery a baby girl, Smith name her Mary.

Smith and his family live in peace in and harmony .
They didn't stop thinking about their dead daughter, their lives aren't the same after Mary's death.



Story By Blessedgist

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Re: Super Story: Bloody Mary - Full Episodes (Photos)
Reply #11 on: May 16, 2020, 02:01:00 AM
This story is very interesting. About to read more of the story on this blog


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