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Title: [Movie] Go/Donít Go Ė A Slow-burn Drama Review And Mp4 Trailer
Post by: Mr. Babatunde on January 08, 2021, 12:37:19 AM

GO/DONíT GO is a new post-apocalyptic psychological thriller that has a lot going for it. The storyline is very small and diffuse in many ways. Always oscillating between both a love story and inescapable paranoia which does demand quite a bit from its audience.

The storytelling aspect of the plot is virtually non-existent. Okay, not really, but it does feel that way at certain points when you recognize that symbolism is everything.

Slow-burn or slow-fizzle?

Let me be absolutely clear; No matter how much I have criticism for certain elements of this movie, I did really like it overall. In fact, itís the kind of movie that stays with you. However, it does also require that you give it your full attention and allow yourself to be taken in by the world being shown.

Go/Donít Go is most definitely a slow-burn, but I would almost go so far as to call it a slow-fizzle. We never truly get to the ďburningĒ point in this story. Actually, we do get to witness an actual burning scene, but not in the sense of storytelling.

Itís like watching a sparkler. You can be completely engrossed with watching the tiny lightning bolts youíre holding in your hand and yet, you wouldnít want to keep watching for 90 minutes. And that was ultimately my issue with this movie. I found myself being both completely immersed and yet I also got really impatient at times.

A genre-hybrid but mostly a drama

I do love a good genre-hybrid or even a genre-bender. Go ahead and start out as one thing and end up in a completely different genre. I am always here for that kind of movie. And yes, Go/Donít Go is definitely a genre-hybrid since it has thriller, sci-fi, mystery, and drama elements.

However, I would claim that the sci-fi element is ultimately never really shown. Except for the lead character living in a world where he is completely alone. But if you expect a story along the lines of the post-apocalyptic zombie-drama Here Alone (2016), then you will be disappointed.

One way to explain Go/Donít Go very accurately (without spoilers) could be this; Imagine watching the lead character in I Am Legend (2007) for a few weeks before the events of that movie. In other words, youíll watch him when he is just going about his life and trying to create some form of normalcy. Thatís what happens in Go/Donít Go for the majority of the movie.

For the record, I do love I Am Legend, so itís still a compliment of this new movie. In fact, I wouldnít mind watching a movie where Robert Neville (Will Smith) was just trying to stay sane. But mostly because it would be a prequel to a story I know.

Watch Go/Donít Go on-demand and digital!

Go/Donít Go is written and directed by its star Alex Knapp. Itís also his debut as both a writer and director which is mind-baffling to me. It is one hell of a strong and ballsy debut that never backs down. The production quality is impeccable in ways I would never have expected of a ďsmallĒ movie such as this.

Also, he does a wonderful job of starring in this movie which does have him alone in most scenes! Kudos to Alex Knapp on all aspects of making this movie.

Overall, I did find myself torn Ė which Iím sure this review reveals Ė since I both really liked it and still I felt in desperate need of all the ďEnoughĒ reaction gifs that came to mind. It has the most gorgeous visuals but it will definitely not be for everyone.

However, if you like movies that play with visuals, symbolism, and emotions, then I think you would have a very interesting and rewarding experience watching this movie. Also, while this movie is quite dark and depressing in some ways, it has moments and beauty and ends on a note of hope!

Go/Donít Go is out on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu, Direct TV, Dish Network, and all major cable providers from January 12, 2021.

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