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Author Topic: Resident Evil 3 For Play Station 4, Xbox One, PC Review  (Read 663 times)

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Resident Evil 3 starts with a short sequence of live action intended to demonstrate the effect of the attack of zombies on Racoon City. It explains how the spread of a deadly virus has prompted the CDC to bring Racoon City effectively into quarantine lockdown. We get the feeling all the while that frustrated people are trying to figure out what's going on as they try their best to stop being poisoned and infecting others.

It is, to say the least, a somewhat awkward setup in the age of the coronavirus. Itís not necessarily mean spirited or exploitative (that part of the story hasnít changed much since the original gameís release in 1999) but it is a fascinating reminder of the situation we find ourselves in and how quickly things can change over the years. Sadly, itís not the only way that the Resident Evil 3 remake reminds us of the gameís awkward place in the history of this stellar franchise.

Resident Evil 3 from 1999: Nemesis was plagued by its inevitably restricted reach. It was originally intended to be helmed by director Hideki Kamiya of Resident Evil 2 and at the time Capcom saw it as the next major title of Resident Evil "mainline." That changed when the expected release date of the PlayStation 2 changed the timetable of console production for the company and ultimately Kamiya was tasked with preparing Resident Evil 4. A slightly different team eventually created Resident Evil 3, which was internally seen as more of a spin-off.

Upon its release, many criticized Resident Evil 3 for its short length and relative lack of ambition in comparison to the revolutionary Resident Evil 2. Yet, for every criticism, there was praise for the things the game did do well and even some of the innovations it did introduce. Said innovations include the titleís more action-oriented nature and larger environments, as well as its brilliant implementation of the Nemesis as a kind of Terminator who hunts the player throughout their journey.

Fortunately, there are many ways that the Resident Evil 3 remake retains the qualities which elevated the original title above its humble spin-off origins.

Release Date: April 3, 2020
Platform: PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), Xbox One, PC
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Survival Horror

It starts with the gameplay. The Resident Evil 2 remake gave players much more control over the action than they had in the original version of that title, but it also emphasized survival elements that forced you to manage relatively limited resources. As such, you were often encouraged to treat action sequences similar to how you would have in the original title, which is to say that the game forced you to run from enemies quite often in order to preserve resources.

Resident Evil 3 is based on the same engine and gameplay that powered Resident Evil 2Ďs remake, but there are some key differences. Even if you donít choose the gameís ďeasyĒ mode and start with an assault rifle and other accommodations (which certainly changes the dynamic of the gameís opening hours), youíll likely be shooting your way through more encounters in Resident Evil 3 than you would have in Resident Evil 2. Some sections are clearly designed with more of an action-oriented approach in mind, and most areas (especially those in the beginning) really sell the warzone scope of what is happening.

While some fans will undoubtedly prefer horror sequences and puzzle-solving (two elements which are still present in a sometimes slightly reduced capacity), there are two things that make this action approach work from a pure design perspective. The first is the craft of those aforementioned action sequences and how certain sections of the game are simply well-done, adrenaline-pumping examples of action/horror gaming. A particular scenario involving Carlos and an earlier one that sees Jill battle some spiders stand out as great examples of the benefits of the action game design.

Perhaps more importantly, Resident Evil 3 features expanded control options which allow our playable protagonists to more easily dodge incoming attacks. This feature is a welcome addition. Many encounters require you to dodge enemies in tight spaces in order to avoid death. Resident Evil 3 can be difficult, but mastery of the dodge system makes combat mostly manageable.

While I expected Resident Evil 3ís stellar blend of survival and action to translate well to this modern style of RE game design, I was surprised by how well the gameís story has held up over the years. Resident Evil 3ís plot, which occurs before, during, and after the events of Resident Evil 2, largely focuses on Jill Valentine as she attempts to escape Racoon City in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Assisting her is fellow playable character Carlos Oliveira, who is part of a group of shady Umbrella-sponsored mercenaries sent to clean up the mess and carry out secret tasks. Directly standing in her way is an army of zombies as well as the infamous creature known as the Nemesis who exists to hunt and kill S.T.A.R.S members like herself.

Itís a small story in comparison to other Resident Evil epics, but thatís exactly what makes it work. Itís not bogged down by the sometimes bloated mythology of the Resident Evil series but uses that mythology in smart ways to enhance the stakes of what is happening and give everyone a meaningful part to play.  It doesnít hurt that the remake features some brilliant new content such as a stunning new early story sequence and some smart alterations designed to keep those who know the basic plot beats on their toes.

The gameís dialogue is pretty awful, but itís awful to the point that youíll eventually begin to appreciate it as a tribute to the corny dialogue of Resident Evil games of the past. Itís a little frustrating that the team couldnít at least make Jill a more interesting character in this game but itís not a deal-breaker by any means.

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